32 Cute & Interesting Mini-Pots / Succulent Planter

Small and adorable pots bring attractive decor to your home as well as office. These tiny planters when used with succulents, not only bring special landscape for your life but also purify the air at home for you. We collected 32 awesome and most interesting succulent planters for you. These high quality planters are made of hand crafted ceramic, and are well suitable to be used as centerpiece. These charming pots can be used for outdoor patio or indoor kitchen display as well. These succulent planters are available at Amazon. Choose your favorite planter and change the look of your office desk, kitchen counter or corner.

1. Charming Owl Planter: Charming Owl Planter is a fun and unique small ceramic succulent plant holder and an adorable owl, nicely display potted plants or flowers.

2. Modernistic Elephant Shaped Planter: Modernistic Elephant Shaped Planter features a modern take on a ceramic design of an elephant with a water draining hole at the bottom and a water draining dish to catch excess water.

3. Whale With Red Flower Design Planter: Whale With Red Flower Design Planter is great for displaying Green Bristlegrass Herb. Simple cute whale with small red flower design, ideal for centerpiece.

4. Elegant White Cow Design Planter: Just set this Elegant White Cow Design Planter on any table, counter, or desk to bring adorable, smile-worthy style to any space.

5. Creative Micro Landschaft Planter: Creative Micro Landschaft Planter with realistic shape and fine workmanship, essential for micro landscape DIY landscaping.

6. Sprinkler With Bird Design Planter: Sprinkler With Bird Design Planter with this little jewel inside a larger ceramic designed planter shaped like a bucket and added additional succulents to surround this bird.

7. Tiny Door Design Planter: Here Cement pot looks like a tree trunk with a tiny door. It will be use for indoor or outdoor decorations.

8. Little White Rhinoceros Planter: Little White Rhinoceros Planter is a cute animal planter for succulents and small plants. A fun way to display a small plant indoors or outdoors.

9. Wooden Garden Planter: Wooden Garden Planter can be able to serve as a fleshy flower pot, shelf or storage box. Perfect decoration for your fairy garden.

10. Red and Green Teacup Shaped Planter: A fairy-tale teacup is larger than life in luscious red and vibrant green. Playful planter is shaped like a fresh-cut flower complete with its leafy base.

11. Owl On Tree Stump Planter: Owl On Tree Stump Planter made of resin, suitable for cultivation succulents. It’s a good gift to yourself or friends.

12. Green Bulbasaur Shaped Planter: Green Bulbasaur Shaped Planter is perfect gift for Anime fans or decorate your home and make your home unique.

13. Pokemon Go Oddish Planter: This Pokemon Go Oddish Planter is very cute and is a great present for pokemon lovers. It’s also completely adorable and awesome way to light up any garden or desk

14. White Kitty Holder Ceramic Planter: This charming mini planter is the best choice to brighten up your space. Perfectly matching the white kitten and its cheerful expression.

15. Cool Skull Capita Planter: Decorate your home or office with this stylish planter. Skull can be used as decorations, decorations, as flower pots, and so on. Widely used.

16. Wall Mounted Hanging Planters: Each mini plant pot in this Wall Mounted Hanging Planters set of 2 is made of clear glass and features a rounded shape with a slanted top edge.

17. Unique Geometric Concrete Planter: Unique Geometric Concrete Planter has a unique icosahedron geometric shape. This can be used as a planter or as a bowl to collect anything from your keys to bracelets and rings.

18. Decorative Egg Shaped Planters: Decorative Egg Shaped Planter set featuring 9 small, egg-shaped terracotta flower pots on a white ceramic tray.

19. White Mini Rabbit Design Planter: White Mini Rabbit Design Planter is designed to look just like a white rabbit. This adorable planter is sure to bring a smile to your face

20. Modern White Folded Design Planters: Modern White Folded Design Planters are perfect for holding small plants and bringing a touch of greenery into your spaces.

21. Cute Corgi Dog Style Planter: Cute Corgi Dog Style Planters are very cute and pretty too. These are great gift for anyone in the Corgi Nation.

22. Modern White Planters With Bamboo Self: These little planters are stylish. They can bring modern design to your home with this bamboo shelf & ceramic planter set.

23. Square Shape Ceramic 4 Piece Planter Set: Each square planter pot is made of white ceramic materials and has its own space on the square bamboo tray.

24. Green Frogs Sedum Planter: Green Frogs Sedum Planter is flower pot, which is able to serve as a fleshy shelf or storage box.

25. Sophisticated Tear Drop Design Planter: Add the perfect touch of abstract minimalism to your household design with these identical pair of teardrop-shaped ceramic planters.

26. Mini White Elephant Planters: Mini White Elephant Planters are ideal for fashionably displaying succulents and cacti plants, also a funny decoration for your home.

27. Sprinkler Planter with Bamboo Saucers: A simple and sleek contemporary petite white ceramic sprinkler plant pot with bamboo draining tray.

28. Realistic Book Shape Planter: Realistic Book Shape Planter can be applied in any miniature garden, dollhouse, plant decoration.

29. Cartoon Dinosaur Shaped Planter: Cartoon Dinosaur Shaped Planter is suitable for home decoration,and it can also make your office unique.

30. White Mini Ceramic Planter: White Mini Ceramic Planter can brighten up your space with bold style and natural greenery.

31. Blue Vintage Truck Vehicle Planter: Blue Vintage Truck Vehicle Planter can create a fairy world for you when this would work well in a container mini garden or in a terrarium.

32. Eye-Catching Owl Pattern Planters: Eye-Catching Owl Pattern Planters are impossible to miss and are sure to impress family and friends alike.

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