Modern & Useful Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper Shakers are most common thing in any home. Also, it is required mostly every time when guests arrive for dinner or snacks. Here, we collected some cute and useful salt and pepper shakers which are going to get all your attention. They look great on kitchen counters or dinner table. They can be a great gift for your loved ones for any occasion, even a simple get together as well. These Salt and Pepper Shakers sets are available at Amazon and can be purchased from there.

1. Halloween Salt & Pepper Shaker Set: Halloween Salt & Pepper Shaker Set is an easy way to spice up your Halloween table. Ghouls and boys will love the adorable ghost and wagon of jack o’lanterns.

2. Funny Traffic Cone Shape Shakers: These sophisticate yet funny salt n pepper shakers are easy to use and can be used for salt, sea salt, peppers and spices.

3. Mr & Mrs Muse Shakers: Place a Mr & Mrs Muse Salt and Pepper Shakers set in front of each of your guests to make your tabletop playful.

4. Decorative Water Can and Bucket Set: This Water Can and Bucket With Shovel Ceramic Set of Salt and Pepper Shakers come With Decorative Metal Wagon with Kraft Paper Shreds.

5. Heavenly White and Devilish Red Shakers: Heavenly White and Devilish Red Shakers are look fancy until you grab one and realize they are a light plastic material, which on the other hand, they won’t break easily.

6. Tinplated Metal Shakers: Tinplated Metal Shakers are a great addition to the kitchen. They are adorable, vibrant, the perfect size, AND very well made.

7. Black and White Pinch Pot Shakers: These pinch pots make Black and White Pinch Pot Shakers extremely tactile and a stylish addition to the table or the kitchen.

8. Fun Penguin Salt and Pepper Shakers: This pair of salt and pepper shaker really makes dining at home much more fun!! penguin looks very cute indeed.

9. Cute Couple of Elephant Shakers: Creative salt and pepper shakers kitchenware set in the shape of two cute elephants. Magnetically attached to green yard base.

10. White and Brown Bear Shakers: Brother Bear cope with responsibility to salt and flavor your favorite dishes very well. They keep salt and papper securely and always ready to spice the meal up.

11. Modern Elephant Shakers: Modern Elephant Shakers are absolutely adorable. With its unique shape and whimsical artistry, the kate spade Woodland Park Elephant bank is great to give and receive.

12. Pink and Blue Pigs Classic Shakers: Pink and Blue Pigs Classic Shakers set will make mealtimes more memorable and more delicious. The pink and blue pigs truly make each meal more flavorful and fun.

13. Thrones Stark Salt and Pepper Shakers: The Thrones Stark Salt and Pepper Shakers feature a handsome rendition of each houses respective sigil and reference the map markers from the show.

14. Natural Beechwood Shakers: Beechwood Salt & Pepper Shaker are handcrafted out of beechwood which is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

15. S & P Printed Switch Shaker: This single-piece salt and pepper shaker features a switch to alternate between dispensing salt or pepper. “S” and “P” are printed on each end of the switch toggle to indicate which spice you’re dispensing.

16. Green Turtle Salt & Pepper Shakers: One green turtle stands with a pink butterfly on its shell while the other is flipped onto its back.

17. Tree Ornament Themed Shakers: Tree Ornament Themed Shakers are cute and painted beautifully. You couldn’t use these as actual salt and pepper shakers, but can also use them as decorations.

18. Charming Salt & Pepper Set: This charming Charming Salt & Pepper Set will bring a festive fall look to your table. It is a very attractive set and the colors are really beautiful.

19. Elegant Cat Shape Shakers: Elegant Cat Shape Shakers are really cute with Elegant cat shapes, solid color black and white and minimalist design, full of fun, a perfect combination of table condiment.

20. Apple & Pear Shaker Set: Apple & Pear Shaker Set is exquisite and sweet, with a touch of whim. Display it on your table to really “freshen” and “sweeten” things up.

21. S and P Snowpinions Shakers: S and P Snowpinions Shakers are great for Christmas Home Decor and Christmas Gifting. They will be a beautiful addition to your collection.

22. Adorable Fox Design Shakers: Fox Design Shakers are adorable.They will be a nice present and a lovely addition to your home.

23. Science Flask Themed Shakers: These unique salt and pepper shakers are in the shape and style of a science lab flask with a rubber stopper closing the tops.

24. Dogs On The Bamboo Tray Shakers: The lovely decorative Dogs On The Bamboo Tray Shakers add the set to your dining room table or kitchen counter to keep style and convenient condiment service close at hand.

25. Ceramic Base Ball Shakers: Ceramic salt and pepper shakers are painted with team colors and logo of Phillies Baseball. Phillies fans will love them.

26. Crystal Pumpkin Shakers: Crystal Pumpkin Shakers are festive for the fall season. A little touch to the table that everyone notices when they use them. Brought a smile to the table every time.

27. Cactus On The Pot Shakers: Cute salt and pepper shaker in one. The cactus is used for salt and the pot used for pepper. Dispense salt and pepper in style.

28. Monkey Riding Banana Boat Shakers: Two little monkey riding a banana boat, openings on the bottom of the monkeys allows for easy refill.

29. Hand Painted Sculpted Shakers: These hand painted, sculpted ceramic salt and pepper shakers are both fun and functional. This set makes the perfect gift for that ultimate Star Wars fan.

30. Tiny Peas In A Pod Shaker: Hand painted in garden greens, this tiny set of ceramic salt and pepper shakers will charm your guests.

31. Novelty Egg Holder Shaker: This cheerful breakfast set includes decorative egg holder, salt and pepper shaker in the form of a chicken.

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