30 Most Unique and Stylish LED Desk Lamps

LED Desk Lamps should be stylish and modern. As they are the one which stays on the table all the time to company you. These days old style Desk Lamps are not in trend. Modern lamps comes in different patterns and designs. We collected some most amazing LED Desk Lamps specially for you, to make your desk look great. These lamps can be a great gift for your loved ones specially on the occasion of house warming. Kids will also love these lamps due to their shape and looks. These LED lamps are available on Amazon and can be purchased from there easily. Have a look at them, they are really unique and adorable!

1. Owl Shape Desk Lamp: Owl Shape Desk Lamp is suitable for many occasions. And this can be a good gift choice for the coming Halloween, Christmas, and New Year.

2. 3D Optical Balloon Desk Lamp: 3D Optical Balloon Desk Lamp keeps your beloved ones company as a tender guardian all night long. Suitable for gift giving for especially for girls, babies and kids.

3. Cute Elephant Desk Lamp: Cute Elephant Desk Lamp is combination of the elephant like a elephant spray the water. Soft light from the Elephant sharped soothers child to sleep.

4. Book Rest Lamp: This multifunctional lamp will be a welcome addition to your bedside table. Providing a soft reading light as well as the ideal home for your book.

5. Intelligent Robot Night Table Lamp: Intelligent Robot Night Table Lamp at night, when you gently cough or clap your hands, the desk lamp will light up automatically and will turn off after 120 seconds if there is no sound.

6. Phone Booth Nightlight: Phone Booth Nightlight is beautiful household decorator,creating warm atmosphere with vintage styles. telephone booth Design looks special and lovely.

7. Creative Pastoral Style Wooden Lamp: Creative Pastoral Style Wooden Lamp will set overall soft lighting in the room so as not to make you and baby feel harsh.

8. Folding Book Lamp: Folding Book Lamp is a high quality product. Flexible design allows you to transform the shape instantaneously Book cover features a contemporary blonde maple wood finish.

9. Planter LED Lamp: Go green with this concrete desk lamp and mini planter Combo. Plugs into your computer’s USB port to provide ambient work light.

10. LED Pig Night Lights: LED Pig Night Lights lets you bring to the office, home, or anywhere else you want a little more magic! A perfect gift idea for anime fans of all ages.

11. Magical Star Lights: Let your evenings shine with Magical Star Lights. Add a little magic to your surroundings with this light.

12. Dimmiable LED Desk Lamp: This lamp is quite cool and unique.It’s portable and that the light can be dimmed or brightened to your desired setting.

13. Romantic Dining Room Lamp: Romantic Dining Room Lamp create a romantic dining environment when you have dinners with your family or your lovers.

14. Industrial Explosion Proof Desk Lamp: Industrial Explosion Proof Desk Lamp will add to the conversation at your next get together, add intrigue to your office desk or create a unique machine age atmosphere in your home.

15. Ballpoint Pen Desk Lamp: Ballpoint Pen Desk Lamp is just enough quirky to make people wonder what is going on. They look like paint spilling on your desk. It is fun and unique.

16. Smart Lamp with Touch-Sensitive Control: Smart Lamp with Touch-Sensitive Control has a soft light night for you added a comfortable atmosphere. And, of course, you can use it as a charging device.

17. Classic Table Lamp: Classic Table Lamp is perfect for any room without taking up a lot of table top room. It’s very bright for lighting up a room.

18. Nightlight with Portable Balls: Nightlight with Portable Balls is awesome. This multi-colored, interactive nightlight has removable, illuminated Glo balls that turn a night time game of catch into something extraordinary.

19. Bedroom Side Table Lamp: Bedroom Side Table Lamp is lovely, and practical table lamp to meet your basic fashion lighting needs. This mini lamp features a chrome base and fabric shade.

20. Multifunction Desk Lamp: It is not only a lamp, when you need fun, it can be your toy; when you need decoration, it can be an art; when you need a holder, it also can be your mobile stand, when you are outside in the dark, it can be a torch.

21. Woopsy Desk Lamp: This unique Woopsy lamp from will make for a quirky addition to your home decor. The piece looks as if a bucket is spilling paint, making for a fun lamp that is sure to brighten any room you put it in.

22. Multicolor Portable LED Night Light: Multicolor Portable LED Night Light has white color light, yellow color light and for other additional color.

23. Ceramic Bunny Lamp: Ceramic Bunny Lamp is ideal for creating ambient light in your home, and also works great as a nightlight for a kids bedroom.

24. Retro Game Style Desk Lamp: This unique Retro Game Style Desk Lamp is an amazing light with 7 different-colored, interlocking tetromino pieces that can be stacked in any combination.

25. Naughty Little Boy Desktop Light: Naughty Little Boy Desktop Light is very unique and awesome lamp. The naughty boy lamb Wilshire increase the fun.

26. Wood Table Lamp: Wood Table Lamp is perfect for your work space. It provides the right amount of light so your eyes don’t strain with the overhead fluorescent lights.

27. Headphone-Shaped Creative Reading Lamp: Headphone-Shaped Creative Reading Lamp looks like headphones and the lamp holder can be twisted to any angle and shape. You can place it on the desk, hang it or just hold in hand.

28. Whale Nightlights for Children: Whale Nightlights for Children is absolutely lovely to touch and smell. Lightweight and easily transportable it can be used as a nursery projector at night and as a table lamp in the evening.

29. Page By Page USB Lamp: Page By Page USB Lamp will turn heads and add a nice touch of design to your home or office. Perfect to hang on the wall.

30. Edison Table Lamp: Edison Table Lamp is loft style elegant home decoration. It’s retro color which make you recall you beautiful and good old days.

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