Attractive & Useful Cookie Holder Mugs

Cookies tastes best with tea and coffee. They are meant to be together! So why not hold them together in a same mug. Here are some awesome Cookie Holder Mugs which can ease your many problems. If you are dunker or dipper then these cookie mugs are meant for you. These mugs have an opening in the bottom to hold Cookies or donuts. They can also work for hot chocolate and brownie combination. These mugs are made of ceramics and most of them are microwave safe. You can buy these useful mugs from Amazon easily. Have a look at the list below and choose your favorite one.

1. Crazy Monster Cookie Holder Mug: Crazy Monster Cookie Holder Mug is Crazy for Cookies, just slide some treats into the slot and enjoy your favorite beverage in the mug above it.

2. Fun Panda Hug Cookie Mug: This adorable and Fun Panda Hug Cookie Mug will suit all people, moods and beverages.

3. Santa and Mrs Claus Christmas Cookie Mug: This adorable mug set features both Santa and Mrs. Claus, each with an opening in the bottom for their favorite cookies.

4. Durable Cookie and Milk Cookie Holder Mug: The super durable cup includes three pockets for cookies and a separate center portion for milk.

5. Novelty Biscuit Pocket Cookie Holder Mug: The unique biscuit pocket design makes this mug an ideal gift for any occasion.

6. Colorful Cookie Holder Mugs: A cup of tea should always come with a ‘biscuit’ and a cup of coffee with a cookie. Of course a cup of milk with a cookie is a staple for anyone.

7. Make Everything Better Cookie Holder Mug: A mug that holds two holiday favorites-milk and cookies. Made of porcelain.

8. Heart Eyes Cookie Holder Mug: Heart Eyes Cookie Holder Mug is a cute whimsical coffee mug with cookie holder. Fun gift for Christmas, birthday, any day.

9. Red and White Santa and Co. Santa Cookie Holder Mug: Features dimensional Santa face, hat handle and “secret” built in cookie storage slot.

10. Winter Snowman Cookie Mug: Winter Snowman Cookie Mug will brings lots of smiles over the Christmas holidays.

11. Yellow Homer Simpson Cookie Holder Mug: The sculpted image features Homer Simpson with mouth open on one side and the back of Homer Simpson’s head on the other, on a yellow ceramic mug.

12. Shark Mouth Pattern Cookie Holder Mug: This is a handmade mug created with all lead free, eco friendly. The front of the mug has a special compartment for cookies or biscuits.

13. White Creative Face Cookie Mug: Creative smile face and a hungry mouth cubby design. It is perfect for drink milk or coffee and dessert together.

14. Unicorn Face Design Cookie Holder Mug: This mug features a unicorn face design and a slot at the base for conveniently storing your biscuits and cookies.

15. Unique Humanized Design Cookie Holder Mug: Carrying coffee and cookies at once up the stairs is always a tricky proposition first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

16. Panda Dunk Cookie Holder Mug: Panda Dunk Cookie Holder Mug great gift for a panda bear lover with a sweet tooth, or a sweet panda who likes cookies.

17. Santa Cookies and Milk Bottle: Santa Cookies and Milk Bottle features milk and cookies for Santa sentiment with cookie pocket at bottom of bottle.

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