30 Awesome Ways to make Cute, Lovable Easter Bunnies

Easter is a time for Bunnies and rabbits. Easter Bunnies are symbol of happiness, fertility and rebirth. If you are interested in making Easter bunnies, this post is related to you. We collected some awesome ways to make Easter rabbits which can help you in Easter Decoration at home. We have ideas to make fluffy pom pom bunnies, Knit Bunny, chocolate bunnies, Easter Bunny Envelopes, socks bunnies, donut bunnies and many more. Just have a look at our cute DIY Easter bunny collection and you can’t stop yourself of trying them at home. These colorful, adorable and easy to make Easter Bunny projects are sure to be loved by crafters of all ages.
DIY Pompom Bunny

1. Cute Bunny Part Bunnies: These so cute Bunnies are made with different beautiful colors, which looks awesome. You can use these bunnies for party decoration.

Cute Bunny Party Bunnies

Cute Bunny Party Bunnies via ikatbag

2. Loom Knit Bunny: A loom knit square and turn it into a cute bunny rabbit! Perfect for the upcoming Spring and Easter Season. It is a loom knitting pattern but you could easily just knit a square and make it easly.

Loom Knit Bunny

Loom Knit Bunny via thismomentisgood

3. Ferrero Rocher Easter Bunnies: These little Ferrero Rocher Easter Bunnies are popping their heads up out of their holes just in time for Easter. They’re super simple so why not make like bunnies.

Ferrero Rocher Bunnies

Ferrero Rocher Bunnies via happierthanapiginmud

4. Easter Bunny Envelopes: A great creative idea to make Easter Bunny Envelopes to carry easter candies for kids. Surely you can have fun with them.

Easter Bunny Envelopes

Easter Bunny Envelopes via consumercrafts

5. Golf Ball Easter Bunny: Easter is coming and there is still plenty of time to create these fun and easy Easter Bunny Crafts. You can make them with either a golf ball or a wood bead.

Golf Ball Easter Bunny

Golf Ball Easter Bunny via craftklatchwithmona

6. Baby Pom-Pom Bunny: A Baby Pom-Pom Bunny would be a fun little Easter gift for your kids and for Easter this Baby Pom-Pom Bunny would be super cute decor for your desk.

Baby Pom-Pom Bunny

Baby Pom-Pom Bunny via domesticallyblissful

7. Recycled Mooshy Belly Bunnies: Anyone can make this little Mooshy Belly Bunny, and even with a screw up or two, it will still look sweet and be mooshy and stuff. And this is an easy plushie to make.

Mooshy Belly Bunny

Mooshy Belly Bunny via chezbeeperbebe

8. Polymer Clay Easter Bunny: So cute thought to make a Easter Bunny using polymer clay. Here suitable colors also used to make perfect bunny for this easter.

Polymer Clay Easter Bunny

Polymer Clay Easter Bunny via craftklatchwithmona

9. Simple Burlap Bunny: Simple Burlap Bunny, could stick this just about anywhere. In a floral arrangement, basket, wreath, or on a shelf or mantle. It only took about 30 minutes, and cost less than a dollar.

Simple Burlap Bunny

Simple Burlap Bunny via kimberlydiy

10. Easter Bunny Mini Donuts: Here’s a fun, yet easy recipe you can do for Easter! These Bunny donuts are simple to make and only need a few ingredients.

Easter Bunny Mini Donuts

Easter Bunny Mini Donuts via raininghotcoupons

11. Chocolate Bunny: This plush little Chocolate Bunny is a long-lasting alternative to his candy kin. These Lil Softees are quick and easy to make.

Chocolate Bunny

Chocolate Bunny via sew4home

12. Crochet Monster Easter Bunny: Crochet Monster Easter Bunny is one very cutest Easteregg bunny. To make this Crochet Monster Easter Bunny darling baby toy used a plastic egg.

Crochet Monster Easter Bunny

Crochet Monster Easter Bunny via 1dogwoof

13. DIY Handmade Bunny Purse: Bunnies really are the cutest little things. DIY handmade bunny purse – perfect for a girl’s Easter basket.

DIY Handmade Bunny Purse

DIY Handmade Bunny Purse via aliceandlois

4. Washcloth Bunny: Washcloth Bunny would be the perfect craft to make this month! They are fun they are soft and they can double as a Boo Boo Bunny after the holiday is over.

Washcloth Bunny

Washcloth Bunny via thatswhatchesaid

15. Pumpkin Sock Easter Bunny: This quick and easy sock bunny tutorial is the perfect last minute Easter craft that you can make for the kids or with them.

Pumpkin Sock Easter Bunny

Pumpkin Sock Easter Bunny via apumpkinandaprincess

16. Baby Food Jar Bunny: The Baby Food Jar Bunny is a great idea to recycle the baby food jar as candies holder. It must be a Easter decorating item.

Baby Food Jar Bunny

Baby Food Jar Bunny via serendipityrefined

17. Fabric Easter Bunny: The cutest Fabric Easter bunnies made with easter dresses and each a bunny to match the dress. They turned out well and surely girlies will love them.

Fabric Easter Bunny

Fabric Easter Bunny via blessthismessplease

18. Bunny Topiary: This sweet bunny topiary graced your table as a centerpiece for an Easter meal. This sweet bunny topiary is so precious.

Bunny Topiary

Bunny Topiary via alittleloveliness

19. Paper Clay Bunny: Very funny and awesome Paper Clay Bunny. Nothing like this little cute to make you “think spring” and “Little Bunny FooFoo . . .” makes you smile, too.

Paper Clay Bunny

Paper Clay Bunny via craftsncoffee

20. Yarn Easter Bunny: The beautiful Yarn Easter Bunny project for this easter. It will a lot of fun pulling together these Easter Bunnies.

Yarn Easter Bunny

Yarn Easter Bunny via craftsncoffee

21. Amigurimi Bunny: This little bunny is made in Japanese amigurumi style, a super-sweet look in which the heads are bigger than the bodies and the faces often take on human expressions.

DIY Amigurimi Bunny

DIY Amigurimi Bunny via craftsncoffee

22. DIY Funny Bunny: These cute Funny Bunny is made using AquaBall. This is an easy and budget-friendly craft to make with your Kids.

DIY Funny Bunny

DIY Funny Bunny via aquaballdrink

23. Easter Bunny Babies: These Bunny Babies are made with small pastel socks. These are so cute and petty with different colors.

Easter Bunny Babies

Easter Bunny Babies via craftsncoffee

24. DIY Easter Bunny: Use this cute bunny to spice up your easter party or decorate your home. You might also craft together with your children.

DIY Easter Bunny

DIY Easter Bunny via maedchenmitherz

25. Easter Bunny Sucker: These lovely bunny suckers are great homemade gifts for Easter. Your kids will love these cutest Easter Bunny Suckers and enjoy making them.

Easter Bunny Sucker

Easter Bunny Sucker via wonderfuldiy

26. Easter Bunny Bag: Easter Bunny Bag is an easy to make which you can use it to store any things. Begin early to prepare for Easter.

Easter Bunny Bag

Easter Bunny Bag via funzone

27. Felt Easter Bunny: The fun thing about these Felt Easter Bunnies is that they slide over the top of a plastic easter egg that you can fill with goodies.

Felt Easter Bunny

Felt Easter Bunny via theidearoom

28. Bunny Candy Holder Loopy Chenille: This loopy chenille bunny candy holder is super easy to make and can be used for more than just candy. This would be perfect for a gift from the Easter bunny.

Bunny Candy Holder Loopy Chenille

Bunny Candy Holder Loopy Chenille via factorydirectcraft

29. Oopsey Daisy Bunnies: Adorable! Bunnies and burlap are a great combination, burlap that would be perfect for this! So creative…

Oopsey Daisy Bunnies

Oopsey Daisy Bunnies via oopseydaisyblog

30. Easter Bunny Craft with Qtips: This little Q-tip bunny has hopped it’s way to your house for a fun little adventure.

Easter Bunny Craft with Qtips

Easter Bunny Craft with Qtips via makeandtakes

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