31 Most Trendy Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Easter is the time to grab eggs and implement all those diy ideas which we gathered the whole year. Decorating eggs is fun when done with kids or with friends or even when done all alone. Decorating eggs on Easter is a tradition which is widely considered as an art. There are lots of new and different ways to make the Easter eggs fun, colorful and decorative. This Easter, try some of the new techniques like tattooed, paper wrapped, glittered, painted, moss covered, seeds decorated, laced eggs decoration. We collected 31 most trendy ways to decorate Easter eggs this year. Have a look! surely you can’t stop trying them by your own.

1. Painted Bling Eggs: Painted Bling Eggs are made up with some felt rickrack gorgeous spring colors. Have fun and remember, there is no such thing as perfect like these decorative eggs.

Painted Bling Eggs

Painted Bling Eggs via northtexaskids

2. Decorative Easter Eggs: Decorating Easter Eggs made with a special dye Kit which are looking most beautiful here. You can also use them to decor.

Decorating Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs via momitforward

3. Glittered Eggs: Glittered Eggs far easier and faster, apply paint or glue undercoat – and the glitter or other choices finish. This project made a wonderful mess.

Glittered Eggs

Glittered Eggs via marthastewart

4. Napkin Decoupage Eggs: To make Napkin Decoupage Eggs flower catalogues to decoupage used and pretty red napkins.

Napkin Decoupage Eggs

Napkin Decoupage Eggs via redtedart

5. Flower Carton Easter Eggs: Nothing says SPRING more than a little bowl of brown eggs and some fresh miniature flowers. These would be so pretty at a table setting.

Flower Carton Easter Eggs

Flower Carton Easter Eggs via adailysomething

6. Dot Design Easter Eggs: This is a creative idea for Dot Design on easter eggs. Three overlapping dots stenciled onto eggs beget a batch of new hues.

Dot Design Easter Eggs

Dot Design Easter Eggs via marthastewart

7. Glitter Dipped Easter Eggs: Glitter Dipped Easter Eggs are a fun spin on the traditional Easter egg. These are very colourful to decorate your home.

Glitter Dipped Easter Eggs

Glitter Dipped Easter Eggs via createcraftlove

8. Mustache Easter Eggs: Easy, colorful and fun, these Easter eggs will definitely bring some personality to your Easter egg hunt! These mustache easter eggs are so easy to make.

Mustache Easter Eggs

Mustache Easter Eggs via number-2-pencil

9. Painted Easter Eggs These Painted Easter Eggs Colored with beautiful colors. Simply these ice cream eggs turned out great.

Painted Easter Eggs

Painted Easter Eggs via karaspartyideas

10. Easter Eggs Decorated with Paper Mache: The Easter Eggs decorated with colorful tissue paper. These can decor your home colorfully.

Easter Eggs Decorated with Tissue Paper

Easter Eggs Decorated with Paper Mache via northtexaskids

11. Golden Speckled Eggs: So beautiful! The gold flecks on the blue eggs is a really good idea to made decorative easter eggs.

Golden Speckled Eggs

Golden Speckled Eggs via craftberrybush

12. Lego Easter Eggs: These Lego Easter Eggs are funny and easy to make with different tattoos. It’s a really simple process and you may like these.

Lego Easter Eggs

Lego Easter Eggs via itsalwaysautumn

13. Tattoo Easter Eggs: Temporary tattoos are pretty awesome. it’s just as easy to put temporary tattoos on eggs. So why not give those Easter eggs a little tattoo love?

Tattoo Easter Eggs

Tattoo Easter Eggs via brit

14. Subway Art Easter Egg: These are the cutest eggs ever because the subway art is so trendy. These would be so cute displayed in your house.

Subway Art Easter Egg

Subway Art Easter Egg via lilluna

15. Moss Covered Easter Eggs: So cute! These moss-covered little cuties would be just perfect for your home decor.

Moss Easter Eggs

Moss Easter Eggs via lovegrowswild

16. Easter Egg Sculptures: Whatever you do to your eggs, here’s a fun idea of Easter Egg Sculptures for the whole family to make even more out of your beautifully decorated eggs.

Easter Egg Sculptures

Easter Egg Sculptures via mrprintables

17. Easter Egg Pinatas: These really are awesome, so festive, these will makes you rethink the old standards for easter. These are “eddorable!”.

Easter Egg Pinatas

Easter Egg Pinatas via blogspot

18. Decorative Easter Eggs with Seeds: Awesome decorative idea for easter eggs. It looks very beautiful and colorful at your home also good to health.

Decorative Easter Eggs with Seeds

Decorative Easter Eggs with Seeds via countryandvictoriantimes

19. Hand Printed Decorating Easter Eggs: This Easter, our egg decorating ideas will let your guests decorate their eggs with buttons, pipe cleaners, ribbons and googly eyes.

Hand Printed Decorating Easter Eggs

Hand Printed Decorating Easter Eggs via everydaydishes

20. Super Mario Nintendo Eggs: These are very cool. You might want to blow the eggs out, then you could keep them. Defiantly! its great.

Super Mario Nintendo Eggs

Super Mario Nintendo Eggs via instructables

21. Little Kitty Easter Eggs: This is a fantastic egg decorating idea! Making “Hello Kitty” eggs is precious and an easy way to decorate.

Little Kitty Easter Eggs

Little Kitty Easter Eggs via diycozyhome

22. Party Hat Easter Eggs: Eggs with various other fun and festive items. Here these eggs party-ready with some itsy bitsy party hats!! These Easter eggs are totally ready to boogie down with you, post-egg hunt.

Party Hat Easter Eggs

Party Hat Easter Eggs via studiodiy

23. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Easter Eggs: These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Easter eggs are perfect for kids of all ages. This project is one of the easiest eggs dyeing idea kids can make.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Easter eggs

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Easter eggs via apumpkinandaprincess

24. Colourfull Love Eggs: So awesome and gorgeous easter egg decorative idea this is. These simple Love Eggs are very beautiful to decor your kitchen.

Colourfull Love Eggs

Colourfull Love Eggs via thesweetestoccasion

25. Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs: These are so fun, and they look amazing, absolutely perfect color combination used.

Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs

Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs via studiodiy

26. Eggs in Wheat Grass: The Eggs in Wheat Grass is a perfect decorative item for an easy centerpiece. It looks good for your table decor.

Eggs in Wheat Grass

Eggs in Wheat Grass via centsationalgirl

27. Decorative Egg Tree with Easter Eggs: A beautiful egg tree become with colorful decorative easter eggs. The colours are so soft and bright and lovely.

Decorative Egg Tree

Decorative Egg Tree via acreativemint

28. Photo Print Easter Eggs: Create a lasting memory this spring by adhering your beloved family photos onto Easter eggs. It is the kind of project that will make you smile.

Photo Print Easter Eggs

Photo Print Easter Eggs via asubtlerevelry

29. Creative Easter Egg Decoration: So nicely styled Easter Egg Decorative idea and the mustache eggs may probably be the decorations for Easter.

Creative  Easter Egg Decoration

Creative Easter Egg Decoration via trendenser

30. Lace Easter Eggs: These so beautiful. Here the easter eggs are decorated with beautiful colour combination of lace. These are really decorative for your kitchen.

Lace Easter Eggs

Lace Easter Eggs via celebratingeverydaylife

31. Easter Bunny Eggs Sometimes we’d blow out the shells before we dyed them, but that’s not super easy to do and then you’re still stuck eating scrambled eggs for a week. These cute little Easter Bunny Eggs are so charming and easy to make!

Easter Bunny Eggs

Easter Bunny Eggs via littleredwindow

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