Attractive Greeting Cards with Paper Cups

Greeting Cards made from Paper Cups

Greeting Cards made from Paper Cups

Here is a dea to make a cheerful greeting cards to celebrate Christmas, Valentine, New Year, Easter or Mother’s Day or any other day.
The cups used for the muffins are great to give a special touch to our seasonal greeting cards, here we will use these muffin cups n a different way other then using them for muffins on special occasions.

This time we used some very colorful cups to create some nice greeting cards, you can use to gift your loved once on any special occasion with a touch of self made gift.

Seasonal Cards with Paper Cups

Seasonal Cards with Paper Cups

Things Required to Prepare:

1) colored cups which are meant for muffins,
2) a bead to the center of the flower of the card.

How to Prepare Greeting Cards with Paper Cups?

Fix one paper cup on cardboard, then cut out of the other cups so as to form a flower on the ticket. Then, set the cups with glue and add the bead. (as shown in image). Finally, don’t forget to add a personal message of love and good wishes.

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