16 Creative Ways to Reuse Bottle Caps

Bottle caps can be easily transformed into creative art pieces. All you need is to collect them in huge quantity and put your little effort on them. Bottle caps can be used as a table topper, mirror decorator, photo frame designer, fridge magnets etc. These self made things can be used for gift purpose as well for personal use. Be crafty and show your talent by converting these useless bottle caps into something creative and beautiful. We collected 16 unique ideas for you, just have a look at them, surely you are going to love them!!

1. Bottle Cap Collector Mirror: Turn a simple round mirror into a creativity-quenching wall piece for your studio or bar area with a variety of bottle caps.

Bottle Cap Collector Mirror

Bottle Cap Collector Mirror via ilovetocreate

2. Bottle Cap Tray: Bottle Cap Tray is the cutest most original idea. The colors are perfect and the glossy goop is the perfect finishing touch.
Bottle Cap Tray

Bottle Cap Tray via sweetsomethingdesign

3. Bottle Cap Bird House Bottle Cap Bird House is such a cute idea to make a great birdhouse using bottle caps. The materials we needed to make this cheap and easy.

Bottle Cap Bird House

Bottle Cap Bird House via kidsstuffworld

4. Bottle Cap Ornaments Bottle Cap Ornaments would work great as gift ornaments to hang from your packages and make them extra special.

Bottle Cap Ornaments

Bottle Cap Ornaments via iamahomemaker

5. Bottle Cap Christmas Tree Ornaments: Bottle Cap Christmas Tree Ornaments made with bottle caps, and they made you smile, when you see them.

Bottle Cap Christmas Tree Ornaments

Bottle Cap Christmas Tree Ornaments via scrapreusedandrecycledartprojects

6. Bottle Cap Magnet Lady Bugs: Bottle Cap Magnet Lady Bugs is an easy craft for kids on Earth Day or whenever you need a spring craft idea.

Bottle Cap Magnet Lady Bugs

Bottle Cap Magnet Lady Bugs via suburbia-unwrapped

7. Bottle Cap Bugs: These Bottle Cap Bugs are great for kids for all ages because they can be as simple and intricate as you want.

Bottle Cap Bugs

Bottle Cap Bugs via thisgrandmaisfun

8. Stickable Bottle Cap Pincushion: Stickable Bottle Cap Pincushion will make a pretty, practical and inexpensive gift for your sewing friends for sure.

Stickable Bottle Cap Pincushion

Stickable Bottle Cap Pincushion via tearosehome

9. Bottle Cap Party Garland: This little Bottle Cap Party Garland could double just as well in a nursery, or little girl’s room.

Bottle Cap Party Garland

Bottle Cap Party Garland via seilifestyle

10. Recycled Paint Pallet: here these bottle caps are used to create Paint Pallet. Pasted with sequence on a tray shaped paint pallet.

Recycled Paint Pallet

Recycled Paint Pallet via upcycleart

11. Bottle Cap Chalkboard: Create this gorgeous Bottle Cap Chalkboard. This craft is so easy. All you have to do is to place the bottle caps into the desired shape by using glue gun!

Bottle Cap Chalkboard

Bottle Cap Chalkboard via boredart

12. Bottle Cap Wine Charms: Wine charms are an easy way for everyone to keep track of their glass when you have several people around.

Bottle Cap Wine Charms

Bottle Cap Wine Charms via missinformationblog

13. Bottle Cap Emoji Present Faces: Bottle Cap Emoji Present Faces are quick and easy homemade magnets.

Bottle Cap Emoji Present Faces

Bottle Cap Emoji Present Faces via elhadadepapel

14. Bottle Cap Necklaces & Key Chains: Bottle Cap Necklaces & Key Chains are so easy, cute and so inexpensive to make. They’re also perfect for Birthday gifts for your Primary Kids.

Bottle Cap Necklaces & Key Chains

Bottle Cap Necklaces & Key Chains via mycomputerismycanvas

15. Bottle Cap Napkin Ring: This Bottle Cap Napkin Ring created with crafted bottle cap. Glue a cap and feather on top of it to make a chick.

Bottle Cap Napkin Ring

Bottle Cap Napkin Ring via craftionary

16. Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament: Upcycled Bottle Cap as a beautiful Christmas Ornament.

Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament

Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament via s-media-cache-ak0

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