DIY Recycled Superhero Shoes

If you have bundle of comics and old pair of shoes, this DIY is for you. Just grab your favorite old comic and shoes and recycle them into something fabulous. Your friends are going to love it, nobody has thought that way to recycle comic books. They can be a great gift for your best friend as well. Just follow few simple steps given below and make them. You can wear your favorite comic character shoes and be in trend with coming superhero movie !!

DIY Recycle Old Shoes

DIY Recycle Old Shoes

Things required to make Comic Book Shoes-
– Shoes
– Comic Books
– Brush
– Scissors
Mod Podge

Material Required for Comic Book Shoes

Material Required for Comic Book Shoes

Steps to make Comic Book Shoes-
– Cut out your favorite scenes into small pieces, which you want on your shoes.
Cut Out Comic Book

Cut Out Favorite Scenes from Comic Book

– Apply Mod podge on back side of paper and stick comic strip on shoes.
– Apply layer of Mod podge above the comic strip to cover it up.
Steps to make comic book Shoes

Steps to make comic book Shoes

– Do this process until the shoe is cover up.
– After drying apply two more Mod podge layers over it. Let it dry for sometime. And its done!!
DIY Comic Book Shoes

DIY Comic Book Shoes

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