DIY 20 Cute & Adorable Socks Crafts

Doing crafts with socks is a great fun for adults as well as kids. Making socks crafts is a method of recycling your old and non usable socks. We can make many animal themed crafts using sock like monkey, cat, owl etc. but one of the most adorable thing to make with a sock is snowman crafts. We can make different type of snowman using socks. This is the most common socks craft thing. Sock doll craft is also a great idea.
Along with all these crafts, socks can be used as cup warmer in winters. Also, it can be used as heating pad by filling rice in it and microwaving it for some time. Here, we tried to collect all these ideas related to socks craft which can be helpful to us. Have a look at them and visit the link for their tutorials.

1. Easy DIY Coffee Cozy: Easy DIY Coffee Cozy is a super simple gift ideas your kids can make themselves. It is super fast, super simple, and super kid-friendly.

Easy DIY Coffee Cozy

Easy DIY Coffee Cozy via splashofsomething

2. DIY Sock Bear Plushie: DIY Sock Bear Plushie is perfect as a gift. It is so adorable, so soft and cuddly too, like a marshmallow.

DIY Sock Bear Plushie

DIY Sock Bear Plushie via vickysscrapbook

3. Pair of Sock Dinosaurs: These are each lovingly hand sewn from a pair of new socks and have stitched felt eyes and embroidered features.

Pair of Sock Dinosaurs

Pair of Sock Dinosaurs via etsy

4. DIY Sock Sewing Cats: These little kitty cats are so cute and adorable. These sweet little cats makes your heart skip a beat.

DIY Sock Sewing Cats

DIY Sock Sewing Cats via hands4made

5. DIY Sock Mouses: Very Nice DIY Sock Mouses pattern and tutorial. It is just for hand sewing and makes the perfect little sized mouses.

DIY Sock Mouses

DIY Sock Mouses via amyfamily

6. Fuzzy Sock Cupcake: Sock Cupcakes are the perfect gift for teachers for the Holiday. These gifts are great for winter and only require a pair of fuzzy socks.

Fuzzy Sock Cupcake

Fuzzy Sock Cupcake via inspirationmadesimple

7. No Sew Socktopus: It is a simple octopus made out of an old sock and stuffed with polyfil. No Sew Socktopus is pretty much the easiest thing to make ever.

No Sew Socktopus

No Sew Socktopus via onegoodthingbyjillee

8. Friendly Sock Crab: Friendly Sock Crab colored half will amuse your children, and can also turn piece of decoration in their room.

Friendly Sock Crab

Friendly Sock Crab via stranamasterov

9. Amazing Sock Snake: This is such a fabulous idea. It is amazing to have a sock snake made from the baby stockings.

Amazing Sock Snake

Amazing Sock Snake via grosgrainfab

10. Cool Fluffy Socks Kittens: Cool Fluffy Socks Kittens are just adorable kittens. And it is not difficult to definitely try.

Cool Fluffy Socks Kittens

Cool Fluffy Socks Kittens via passionforum

11. DIY Sock Pumpkins: These sock pumpkins can be great as a Thanksgiving centerpiece or Halloween decor.

DIY Sock Pumpkins

DIY Sock Pumpkins via hometalk

12. Halloween Display Spooky Cat: Make a quick Halloween craft with your kids using an old black sock. It is perfect for an afternoon or a party activity.

Halloween Display Spooky Cat

Halloween Display Spooky Cat via hometalk

13. Decorative Snowmen With Cute Hats: Decorative Snowmen With Cute Hats is a cute craft to make with the kids, and they will cherish having their own cuddly snowmen to play with.

Decorative Snowmen With Cute Hats

Decorative Snowmen With Cute Hats via creativemeinspiredyou

14. DIY Sock Happy Snowman: DIY Sock Happy Snowman is a completely adorable idea. This would be great for a party decoration.

DIY Sock Happy Snowman

DIY Sock Happy Snowman via onecreativemommy

15. Sweet Snowman Swag: This Sweet Snowman Swag is made from a man’s tube sock. No matter what the weather, you can hang him on your front door.

Sweet Snowman Swag

Sweet Snowman Swag via craftsncoffee

16. Colourful Sock Penguin: These little penguins are so cute. They are easy to sew and can made so many of them.

Colourful Sock Penguin

Colourful Sock Penguin via craftpassion

17. Handmade Sock Owls: Handmade Sock Owls are wonderful for cuddling up to or for decorating a room and they make great handmade gifts.

Handmade Sock Owls

Handmade Sock Owls via thewhoot

18. DIY Sock Bunny Toys: These bunnies are the cutest and excellent. it turned out no worse than the factory toys.

DIY Sock Bunny Toys

DIY Sock Bunny Toys via nv-studio

19. No-Sew Rice Heating Pad: These small leg warmers, small knee socks would be a great substitute. They make for a fabulously easy homemade heating pad in a hurry.

No-Sew Rice Heating Pad

No-Sew Rice Heating Pad via unsophisticook

20. DIY Cute Sock Kitten: Sock Kittens are cute and you will love them. Your kids will love them as well. Just let the kids have fun with them or start giving them away as gifts.

DIY Cute Sock Kitten

DIY Cute Sock Kitten via fabdiy

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