19 Amazing DIY Stone Art for Home & Garden Decor

Smooth stones and pebbles look so attractive and we wonder how can we made some craft using them. So, here are the crafts you always wanted to try using those small, smooth and wonderful pebbles. Stone art is an amazing thing to do. We can create beautiful mosaic art on walls, wall decor, decor items, backyard decoration items, garden decor, games, stone mats etc. using pebbles. All we need, are some stones and colorful paints to show our creativity. Here, we collected 19 amazing stone art crafts which are easy to do. Have a look and do try them at home. It can be a great fun when done with kids as well.

1. Hand Painted Mini Cactus: Hand Painted Mini Cactus is really a funny idea of river rock painted into cactus. You can place these painted cactus on a window sill for a kitchen or on a book shelf.

Hand Painted Mini Cactus

Hand Painted Mini Cactus via saltandpeppermoms

2. Ocean Stone Bath Mat: Ocean Stone Bath Mat is a great way to incorporate nature into your bathroom and remember your favorite beach trips.

Ocean Stone Bath Mat

Ocean Stone Bath Mat via tattooedmartha

3. Weather Stones: Weather stones are a DIY toy designed for creative play, but they could also be useful in helping younger kids learn and understand about our changing weather.

Weather Stones

Weather Stones via thecrafttrain

4. Funny Thing In The Garden: To give a natural and rustic to your garden decor touch, this ornament with eyes painted stones looks very beautiful and original, and you can place both in the garden or inside the house.

Funny Thing In The Garden

Funny Thing In The Garden via instructables

5. Mosaic Art On The Wall: Fabulous mosaic art on the wall creates a great decor. The modern design will always makes a wonderful feature.

Mosaic Art On The Wall

Mosaic Art On The Wall via 4.bp.blogspot

6. Small Fairy Tower Small Fairy Tower is just right for your fairies. The tower is small enough, therefore, It can fit in anywhere. This is a brilliant idea.

Small Fairy Tower

Small Fairy Tower via enchantedcottages

7. Ladybug Painted Rocks: Kids can make these adorable Ladybugs as garden decorations, or as a paperweight for Mom or Dad’s desk. While the average ladybug is red, ours come in several vibrant colors. Let your kids pick their favorite.

Ladybug Painted Rocks

Ladybug Painted Rocks via craftsbyamanda

8. Spring Time Tic-Tac-Toe Board It’s time to add some life to the game board with some insect-inspired stones. It’s simple enough that anyone can do it.

Spring Time Tic-Tac-Toe

Spring Time Tic-Tac-Toe Board via chickenscratchny

9. Rustic Wall Hanging The modern rustic wall hanging could be both pretty and functional. You may switch them out for some hanging plants to add a bit of greenery or pretty flowers.

Rustic Wall Hanging

Rustic Wall Hanging via remodelaholic

10. Miniature Fairy Garden Starter Kit: Fairy Starter Kit is a great way to share the joy of fairy gardening. This includes one planter base and nine miniature fairy accent pieces made of hand-painted resin.

Miniature Fairy Garden Starter Kit

Miniature Fairy Garden Starter Kit via plowhearth

11. Flower Vase with Decorating Pebbles: Flower Vase with Decorating Pebbles are arrangements that are so well made that look perfect. Artificial flowers can be very effective to revive the decoration of environments.

Flower Vase with Decorating Pebbles

Flower Vase with Decorating Pebbles via shelterness

12. Stones and Succulent Decor: The combination of white cobble Stones and Succulents are fantastic for decor. this decoration looks great as a centerpiece on a long banquet table or as a stunning fixture on your mantelpiece.

Stones and Succulent Decor

Stones and Succulent Decor via elizabethannedesigns

13. Stone Crafted Cactus Centerpiece: Decorative Stones and Cactus would add an unusual touch to your wedding decor. Potted Cactus with stones can become wonderful centerpieces, favors, you can use them for table runners.

Stone Crafted Cactus Centerpiece

Stone Crafted Cactus Centerpiece via alexanevents

14. Gift Pebble Art: Gift Pebble Art is a unique gift to celebrate and cherish the special occasion, an exceptional gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Gift Pebble Art

Gift Pebble Art via pinterest

15. Pebble Tealight Holder: This stylish and practical Pebble Tealight Holder will enlighten your room. The modern design will make a wonderful feature on your table.

Pebble Tealight Holder

Pebble Tealight Holder via pinterest

16. DIY Stone Sconces: This is a super easy project that anyone can do on the super cheap. They are simply beautiful and amazing Perfect gift idea too.

DIY Stone Sconces

DIY Stone Sconces via thenoshery

17. Message on A Stone: This is a simple, crafty idea for a guest book. Write small messages onto an assortment of stones, and you can either place the stones into a clear vase and leave it out as an in-home decoration.

Message on A Stone

Message on A Stone via lovemyweddings

18. Frogs out of Rocks: Frog garden creatures made out of rocks Gather some appropriate sized rocks and paint them green and black into frog shapes.

Frogs out of Rocks

Frogs out of Rocks via justimagine-ddoc

19. Tealight Decoration Pebbles: Decorative candle holder made from pebbles to different forms curvaceous designs for a zen and present together.

Tealight Decoration Pebbles

Tealight Decoration Pebbles via galetsquichantent

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