28 Creative Balloon Decoration Ideas for Parties

Balloons are most appropriate decoration for parties whether it’s for birthday, housewarming, baby shower, wedding, anniversaries or new year parties. Balloon party decoration is fast, easy to do, and creative. We can do so many things using balloons, as their bright and vibrant colors fill whole ambiance into a fun place. Irrespective of age, balloons can add little extra excitement for everyone. To do so, we collected 28 different ways to decorate your parties using creative balloon ideas. These ideas will make your parties special, unique and different from regular parties. Kids as well as adults are going to love your new way of decoration. Have a look and try them in your upcoming party!!

1. Penguin and Polar Bear Balloons: The Penguin and Polar Bear Balloons can moderate your party decoration. These creative balloons you can make yourself at your home.

Penguin and Polar Bear Balloons

Penguin and Polar Bear Balloons via thepartypeople

2. DIY Gold Horseshoe Balloons: To make these gold horseshoe balloons. All you need are latex balloons and gold leaf, and you’re off to the races.
DIY Gold Horseshoe Balloons

DIY Gold Horseshoe Balloons via balloontime

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Balloons Decorative Teenage Mutant Ninja Balloons are very simple to make at home. These can use to decor your party simple sweet.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Balloons

Teenage Mutant Ninja Balloons via littlemisskate

4. Surprise Birthday Balloon Door: If there is one thing every birthday needs, it is balloons. Surprise your birthday boy or girl with this easy to create birthday balloon door.

Surprise Birthday Balloon Door

Surprise Birthday Balloon Door via balloontime

5. DIY Floral Balloon: The decorative balloons with decorative flowers are look great combination to decor your parties beautifully.

DIY Floral Balloon

DIY Floral Balloon via afloral

6. BlueBlack GoldWhite Balloon for Decoration: Designing your own DIY Striped Balloons is a unique and easy way to add color and style to your celebration.

BlueBlack GoldWhite Balloon for Decoration

BlueBlack GoldWhite Balloon for Decoration via balloontime

7. DIY Gold Dipped Balloons: Gold Dipped Balloons DIY, for a little touch of homemade for those of you hosting some of your closest friend and/or family.

DIY Gold Dipped Balloons

DIY Gold Dipped Balloons via chevronsandeclairs

8. DIY Balloon Flower Number: Balloon Flower Number can be traditional birthday decor. This would be just perfect for a girl’s birthday party and is so easy to customize by just switching out the flowers and colors.

Balloon Flower Number

Balloon Flower Number via ajoyfulriot

9. Happy Easter Feather Filled Balloons: The Happy Easter Feather Filled Balloon is perfect for marking the treasure spot and makes a lovely prize too.

Happy Easter Feather Filled Balloons

Happy Easter Feather Filled Balloons via bubblegumballoons

10. Floaty Balloon Sculpture: Find a special way to celebrate any party with DIY Floaty Balloon Sculpture. This can inspire by every one.

Floaty Balloon Sculpture

Floaty Balloon Sculpture via balloontime

11. DIY Balloon Planet: Amaze your kids with these DIY balloon planets that are perfect outer space party decorations.

DIY Balloon Planet

DIY Balloon Planet via playpartyplan

12. Giant Balloon Lights: These Giant lights REALLY light up! These are made with balloons that come with lights already inside. They were perfect for your every party.

Giant Balloon Lights

Giant Balloon Lights via livinglocurto

13. Fun Pom-Pom Balloons: These pom-pom balloons are made with precarious combination of colorful Po-Poms and Balloons. It is as simple as putting a small dab of hot glue on a pom-pom and sticking it on the balloon.

Fun Pom-Pom Balloons

Fun Pom-Pom Balloons via designimprovised

14. Creative DIY Balloons for Holiday Party: These Holiday Part Balloons are kind of amazing to be able to do at home. It let us get a lot more custom with our ideas, and it was super easy to use.

Creative DIY Balloons for Holiday Party

Creative DIY Balloons for Holiday Party via bloglovin

15. DIY Cactus Balloons: A little helium, a little hot glue, and a few pink pom-poms to top it off and we have cactus balloons. This is a fun craft to try for a summer party!

DIY Cactus Balloons

DIY Cactus Balloons via designimprovised

16. DIY Foam Ball Balloons: Here the colorful lightweight foam balls are the perfect material for decorating the balloon without weighing it down. These balloons really say “party”. They are so fun and festive.

DIY Foam Ball Balloons

DIY Foam Ball Balloons via designimprovised

17. DIY Graduation Balloon Superlatives: Superlatives have to be one of everyone’s favorite senior year memories. Relive the yearbook fun with photos of friends and hilarious recognitions with balloon superlatives.

DIY Graduation Balloon Superlatives

DIY Graduation Balloon Superlatives via balloontime

18. Ice Cream Cone Party Balloons: The floating Ice Cream Cone Balloons are a sweet way to decorate for an ice cream social, kid’s birthday party or wedding or baby shower.

Ice Cream Cone Party Balloons

Ice Cream Cone Party Balloons via hgtv

19. Friendly Halloween Monster Balloons: Friendly Halloween Monster Balloons so far from! This project really gives you the DIYer free reign in the design.

Friendly Halloween Monster Balloons

Friendly Halloween Monster Balloons via theflairexchange

20. Mini Balloon Placecards: Mini Balloon Placecard Holders are so cute. Their life-span is perfect for surprising guests at your next party.

Mini Balloon Placecards

Mini Balloon Placecards via ohhappyday

21. DIY Balloon Wishes: It was SO fun to read the messages and wishes from everyone, and the balloons made for some pretty pictures too.

DIY Balloon Wishes

DIY Balloon Wishes via studiodiy

22. Fruit Balloons: The Fruit Balloons look amazing! So simple and yet so cool. You can make these at your home for a summer party.

Fruit Balloons

Fruit Balloons via ohhappyday

23. Shamrock Balloons: Shamrock Balloons are great decorations for your parties. These are so easy to assemble that in a few minutes you’ll have enough decor to make a huge impact at your party. All it takes is a little air and twine.

Shamrock Balloons

Shamrock Balloons via bloglovin

24. Tropical Party Balloons: Tropical Party Balloons are most creative technique for decorating balloons. These balloons are become centerpiece for Tropical Party.

Tropical Party Balloons

Tropical Party Balloons via studiodiy

25. Happy Balloon Pop Kits: Happy Balloon Pop Kits are pretty brilliant because they can work as party favors and do double duty as cake toppers or table decor.

Happy Balloon Pop Kits

Happy Balloon Pop Kits via bloglovin

26. DIY Balloon Flowers: Balloons and flowers are common themes in parties. It’s a good idea to combine these two elements together as decorations.

DIY Balloon Flowers

DIY Balloon Flowers via icreativeideas

27. Colorful Ceiling Balloons: These Colorful Ceiling Balloons are used to decor your interior room decoration at any of your parties. Here perfect color combination of balloons are used.

Colorful Ceiling Ballons

Colorful Ceiling Balloons via rocknrollbride

28. LED Balloons: At your next evening soiree, skip the staples like candles, lanterns, or string lights. LED lights paired with balloons would result in instant glowing lanterns.

LED Balloons

LED Balloons via brit

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