24 Uniquely Awesome Spoon Rests

Spoon rests are important to keep your counter area clean and tidy. Spoon rest are either crafted from high-fired stoneware or ceramics. Using spoon rest during cooking prevents your utensils from slipping and sliding all over your counter or cooking stove. Make your life a little more convenient by keeping a spoon rest by the coffee maker to avoid making a mess after a perfect brew. Keep red sauce spoon away from staining your counter on spaghetti night!
Here we collected some different type of spoon rests which can fit perfectly for every occasion. Also, you can choose them according to the theme of your counter top. Adding them to your dinning area is not a bad idea at all, they will hardly occupy any space. These beautiful spoon rests are available at Amazon and can be purchased easily. Buy them and say goodbye to accidental spills!

1. Red Silicone Spoon Rest: This is such a cute spoon rest, little thin and flimsy. Great gift idea for people who have red in their kitchen.

2. Mason Jar Designed Spoon Rest: Mason Jar Designed Spoon Rest is nice and a spacious spoon rest, it can easily hold more than one serving spoon at a time.

3. Red and White Transparent Spoon Rest: Red and White Transparent Spoon Rest is wonderfully fun and whimsical. It is surprisingly ergonomic in design, and fit your hand quite nicely.

4. Cast Iron Spoon Rest: Cast Iron Spoon Rest also works well as an ash tray. Works great as a kitchen accessory.

5. Funky Designed Spoon Rest: Funky Designed Spoon Rest is so cute. You can place larger cooking spoons.

6. Christmas Spoon Rest: Dolomite Christmas Spoon Rest is not only beautiful but also functional. Rest your spoon while cooking. Display proudly when not is use.

7. Ceramic Fox Spoon Rest: Ceramic Fox Spoon Rest brightens your kitchen counter and protects it from messy utensils.

8. White Cat Ceramic Spoon Rest: White Cat Ceramic Spoon Rest is perfect for children to eat a snack, lunch etc. in kindergarten or school, great for the office as well.

9. Blobby Cat White Spoon Rest: Blobby Cat White Spoon Rest is perfectly gift able for your cat loving friend, relative or even yourself.

10. Red Scarlet Spoon Rest: Red Scarlet Spoon Rest works great for spoons of many sizes and shapes, and helps keep your stove or countertop clean during cooking.

11. Easter Bunny Ceramic Spoon Rest: Hand-painted ceramic white bunny face with long ears. Handle of spoon sits inside bunny’s ear resting in the face.

12. Peacock Pattern Spoon Rest: Give your kitchen some style with this lovely spoon rest with a beautiful hand painted Peacock in turquoise, blue and olive green colors.

13. Brown Turkey Spoon Rest: Brown Turkey Spoon Rest is fun and unique hand-painted ceramic spoon rest features a thanksgiving turkey with textured and patterned feathers.

14. Tiger Cat Spoon Rest: Tiger Cat Spoon Rest is crafted from high-fired stoneware. Handpainted with lead-free glazes.

15. Calico Cat Spoon Rest: Calico Cat Spoon Rest is an adorable addition to any practical cat aficionado.

16. Fun Bacon and Eggs Spoon Rest: Fun Bacon and Eggs Spoon Rest is cute, funny and functional. It is made of hand painted earthenware.

17. Stainless Steel in Silver Spoon Rest: Stainless Steel in Silver Spoon Rest is big enough to lay two, not side by side but kind of sharing the space.

18. Wood Foldable Spoon Rest: Wood Foldable Spoon Rest is foldable, you can fold it to save pace of your stovetops.

19. House Shaped Spoon Rest: This multi-functional house shaped stand can be used to hold any kind of kitchen utensils.

20. Sunflower Designed Spoon Rest: Beautiful decorative spoon rest. Adds a nice touch to the stove top, as well as being serviceable.

21. White Instant Coffee Spoon Rest: Vintage stamped message spoon ready-to-give on a card with figural ceramic coffee pot shaped “PERK UP” spoon rest.

22. Ceramic Base Euro Spoon Rest: Ceramic Base Euro Spoon Rest on a ceramic base that easily wipes clean. Made of sturdy steel and ceramic.

23. Grey Raised Edged Spoon Rest: Grey Raised Edged Spoon Rest is made from non-slip silicone and is designed to hold multiple spoons at once.

24. Pink Flamingo Ceramic Spoon Rest: Add some color to your kitchen with Pink Flamingo Ceramic Spoon Rest.

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