Attractive Egg Cup Holders for Breakfast

Eggs make us strong! They are a major part in our breakfast. Daily we need holders to place boiled eggs on the table specially for kids, so that they can handle them easily. We collected some awesome egg holders for your breakfast table. You can choose them according to your requirement. These egg cup holders are available at Amazon. Have a look at them! they are awesome!

1. Knight Shaped Boiled Egg Holder: Behold the knights of the round egg. Bound to his chivalry code, Arthur will come to your service each morning as your egg in shining armor.

2. Red and Black Sumo Boiled Egg Holders: With this pair of red and black sumo egg holders, you can start a little-but-tasty food fight of your own.

3. Vintage Style Bucket Boiled Egg Holders: Kids and grown ups alike enjoy with these Vintage Style Bucket Boiled Egg Holders.

4. Official Batman Boiled Egg Holder: Enjoy your soft boiled eggs in Official Batman Boiled Egg Holder.

5. Classic “mr egg” Boiled Egg Holder: This little egg holder is so cute. Kids love it. They eat up every scrap of boiled egg, and relish the shell-bashing that ensues with the little hammer.

6. Decorative Chick Shaped Egg Holder: Add a touch of spring to your table with Decorative Chick Shaped Egg Holder. Great for eating soft boiled eggs.

7. Santa Shaped Boiled Egg Holder: Add a little egg-citement to your Christmas Day breakfast with the Santa Egg Cup and Toast Cutter.

8. Mutlicolored Mustard Boiled Egg Holder: This eggcup’s got attitude and then some-it knows its free-range from barn-reared.

9. Wartime Scene Pattern Boiled Egg Holder: Turn your breakfast into a wartime scene with this egg holder. It will be a brilliant gift for boys.

10. Corset Red Double Boiled Egg Holder: Whether you’re getting it for yourself or for a bosom buddy, this double-egg holder has titillating appeal.

11. Novel Egghead Boiled Egg Holders: An excellent way to start your day serving boiled eggs in these Novel Egghead Boiled Egg Holders.

12. Beautiful Soft Silicone Boiled Egg Holders: Beautiful Soft Silicone Boiled Egg Holder set is perfect gift for breakfast chefs and breakfast lovers.

13. Fun Bucket Boiled Egg Holders: Fun egg bucket to brighten up any breakfast table simply lift and drain eggs from the pan and place in the bucket.

14. Zombie Eggpocalypse Boiled Egg Holder: Spread a little charm with this Zombie Eggpocalypse Boiled Egg Holder with Zombie Th

15. White Chicken Feet Pattern Boiled Egg Holder: White Chicken Feet Pattern Boiled Egg Holder is an adorable addition to any morning routine.

16. Red and Black Ninja Design Boiled Egg Holders: Simply put the egg inside the Egg Ninja and place in pot of water. Designed for easy removal of eggs from boiling water.

17. White Porcelain Double Boiled Egg Holder: Great idea. The family usually wants more than one boiled egg out of time so this allows that.

18. Humpty Dumpty Boiled Egg Holder: While Humpty sits on the wall, the soldiers line up ready for dipping. Feast on delicious soft boiled eggs in brilliant nursery rhyme fashion.

19. Cool Ceramic Boiled Egg Holder: Cool Ceramic Boiled Egg Holder is very nicely done. It feels solid – not cheaply made.

20. Goldfish Shaped Boiled Egg Holders: Poach your eggs perfectly every time in a pan or microwave oven with Goldfish Shaped Boiled Egg Holder.

21. White Hand Ceramic Boiled Egg Holders: These egg holders are perfectly shaped to hold the egg upright allowing you to remove the tops of the egg if desired.

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