25 Best Low Maintenance House Plants

Indoor plants add natural beauty to home. Even plants in small pots can add excessive beauty to your dinning room or kitchen counter. But these plants need regular maintenance to keep going like they need to be watered regularly, need light at some time interval etc. Here we made a list of low maintenance house plants which are easy to maintain plus add equal beauty to your home. These low light indoor plants are available at Amazon in different sizes. You can choose according to your need and house area. These indoor plants includes hanging plants, small house plants, jade, tropical, bamboo, cactus, spider, lavender etc plants. Have a look!
1. Attractive Cat Palm House Plant: Cat Palms are attractive dense clusters of trunk less plants with soft, dark, green leaves. Cat Palms are perfect for any indoor decoration.

2. Kimberly Queen Fern House Plant: Kimberly Queen Fern is the most beautiful fern & one of the easiest to grow. It adds attraction when put on patios, in the office place or indoors.

3. Sansevieria Laurentii Snake House Plant: Sansevieria Laurentii Snake House Plant is the ideal plant for those who have little time. These plants making striking displays in home. It produces elegant variegated foliage.

4. Dieffenbachia Exotica House Plant: Dieffenbachia Exotica House Plant is a common & popular houseplant. Easy to maintain. It creates a visual interest for any interiors Cape.

5. Siam Aglaonema Chinese House Plant: Aglaonema is a beautiful specimen of its variety. The Aglaonema has varying variegation throughout its large, wide leaves.

6. Ficus Pandurata Bush House Plant: Ficus Pandurata bush (Fig) has large gorgeous leaves representing a masterpiece of nature. This foliage is a living piece of art unlike any other.

7. Aloe Vera Succulent House Plant: Aloe Vera is a stemless or very short stemmed succulent plant. In addition to its medicinal qualities the Aloe Vera plant is excellent as a houseplant.

8. Spathiphyllum Peace Lily House Plant: Spathiphyllum, more commonly known as a Peace Lily, is the perfect easy-to-take-are-of plant for any occasion, be it as a gift or for everyday pleasure.

9.Burgundy Rubber House Plant: Burgundy Rubber House Plant is an attractive, bold houseplant perfect for any corner in a room. It adds a dramatic display with its dark green or burgundy leaves.

10. Madagascar Dragon House Plant: In general Madagascar Dragon House Plant is a carefree low-maintenance plant adding a tropical touch to any interior.

11. Nephthytis Arrowhead House Plant: Nepthytis is an indoor houseplant that will provide beautiful foliage in spite of occasional neglect. This common houseplant is sometimes distinguished by its arrowhead shaped foliage.

12. Schefflera Capella Bush House Plant: Schefflera Capella bush has attractive variegated, glossy, palmate leaves. The variegation enhances its surroundings.

13. Yucca Cane House Plant: Yucca Cane House Plant is an eye-catching long-lived planter that adds prominence to the interiors Cape or decks Cape. It has dark green leaves.

14. Hedera Ivy House Plant: Hedera Ivy House Plant is a versatile evergreen vine that adds the perfect finishing touch to dish gardens, combination planters, or as a tabletop home decorpiece.

15. Juniper Bonsai House Plant: Bonsai convey the symbols of meditation, harmony, peace, and balance. Junipers prefer soil that is slightly dry, but it should not be exposed to prolonged dryness.

16. Pilea Peperomioides House Plant: One of the rarest and most desirable houseplants, the Pilea peperomioides is an easy-care and beautiful plant.

17. Arabica Coffee House Plant: Arabica Coffee House Plant is world famous for its tasty beans, brewed into a delicious drink. They are very long living. It may take up to several years for fruits to grow.

18. String Of Pearls House Plant: String Of Pearls House Plant is a superb subject for a hanging basket, and can be in the house in a bright airy room, or outside in a protected patio.

19. Haworthia Zebra House Plant: Haworthia Zebra House Plant is really easy to grow. They don’t require much in the way of care or window space.

20. Zebra Plant Houseplant: The Zebra plant receives its name according to its zebra looking foliage. Oversized, green with stripes of white foliage with bright exotic looking bright yellow flowers is the character appearance of the Zebra plant.

21. Epipremnum Aureum House Plant: Epipremnum Aureum House Plant is one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. Its trailing stems carry heart-shaped leaves that are irregularly splashed with gold.

22. Robusta Snake House Plant: Robusta Snake House Plants are a member of the Lily Family, and are named for their striped, vibrant leaves, which mimic the scales of a serpent. They are evergreens native to Africa.

23. Desert Rose Bonsai House Plant: Desert Rose is a plant that produces abundant of trumpet-shaped flowers in different shades. It can be in pink, rose, white and yellow.

24. Crassula Ovuta House Plant: Crassula Ovuta House Plant commonly known as jade plant, friendship tree, lucky plant or Money Plant, Crassula ovata is a succulent plant with small pink or white flowers.

25. Red Prayer House Plant: Prayer plants have big, oval leaves that turn upward at night. The folding and unfolding of the leaves happens in a regular pattern.

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