30 Beautiful & Unusual Garden Planters

What can be more refreshing then a garden filled with fresh flowers and plants. Placing attractive planters can enhance your garden beauty. You can also theme your garden into something funny, angles place, animal resting etc. using planters accordingly.
But if you don’t have enough open area to make a garden, don’t worry, simply place a designer planter in your front porch or back yard. It will not only fill your vacant porch area but also make it beautiful. But choose a attractive planter because if it is not good enough it can decrease the beauty of your plant as well. So here, we tried to collect some most attractive planters of different styles for your home. Some of them are wall hanging, some are planter stands and some are creature, bicycle shaped which can be be placed outdoor as well as indoor. These planters are generally made from wood and ceramics, so not much maintenance needed. These garden planters are available at Amazon. Just have a look! Surely, you will love them.

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