27 Creative Fruit Storage Baskets

Fresh fruits stored in a beautiful baskets makes the environment refreshing and positive. They shows your choice of healthy lifestyle over junk food. Place a fruit basket in your kitchen or dining area with fresh fruits which will not only add decor to your home but also helps to remind you to have a fresh fruit daily in your diet. Also, storing fruits properly increases it’s life. Avoid clutter and add style to your home with these beautiful fruit storage baskets. Wall mounted fruit basket, hanging wall basket or wired fruit basket are some of the unique trends these days. Here, we collected some similar decorative modern fruit storage baskets from Amazon, you can have a look and add them to your table.

1. Fruit Loop Fruit Bowl: Fruit loop is an avant-garde fruit bowl which is handmade from a single piece of free flowing chromed steel wire. It will add a piece of sculpture to any table and is ideal for holding fruit.

Fruit Loop

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2. Garden Harvesting Basket: The baskets design allows you to easily gather and hose off your harvested fruits and vegetables prior to bringing them indoors.

3. Tower Fruit Bowl: This Tower Fruit Bowl keeps fruit secure while also letting a lot of air in. The openness of the bowl helps prevent bruising and damage to the fruit and also adds style to the kitchen.

4. Decorative Fruit Bowl: This Decorative bowl is made of chrome plated metal. Use this wire basket to display your produce in style! Place this bowl on the counter with a colorful display of fruit that will entice you and your family to eat healthy.

5. Wood Fruit Bowl with Banana Hook: This Wood Fruit Bowl with Banana Hook features an upscale design. Handcrafted from wood with a wrought iron banana hook for long-lasting beauty even under rigorous use.

6. Hanging Sphere Basket: Hanging Sphere Baskets are great for fruit or vegetables. The one you get may be slightly different as they are handmade.They should be protected from wet or damp to prevent rust.

7. Wood Fruit Bowl: The wooden bowl comes in 5 pieces that slide together to make one modern designed serving dish. Easy to dissemble and store as well as travel with.

8. Spiral Fruit Bowl: The spiral bowl is unique, and expands to provide a stunning and modern centerpiece to any kitchen or dining table. It’s so unique!

9. Dropp Fruit Bowl: Dropp Fruit Bowl is a fantastic fruit bowl. Like a large, soft drop of paint, frozen at the precise moment it hits the table and breaks into a spectacular, colorful spray.

10. Forminimal Draining Fruit Bowl: A modern sculptural bowl that doubles as a colander, so you can wash your fruit before putting it out on a table. It also includes a bamboo mat to catch any leftover drips of water and protect your table surface.

11. Satellite Fruit Bowl: Striking, with a simple design and visual impact, the Satellite Bowl makes a dramatic centerpiece or decorative object. A circle of lacquered wooden spokes are ingeniously pinned together and twisted open to create its unique form.

12. Banana Stand Holder: Modern and chic Banana Stand Holder keeps bananas off counter tops to allow for even ripening and prevents premature bruising. Effortlessly blends with any decor.

13. Stanza Dello Scirocco Fruit Holder: Stanza dello Scirocco is a range of items born out of the abstract and motionless atmosphere of a magic place.

14. White & Black Fruit Tray: White & Black Fruit Tray can be used to hold fruits, vegetables, and any other household items. Excellent decorative and practical value it shows to you.

15. Sundial Fruit Basket: Sundial Fruit Basket can be used as a basket or stand for plates with high quality stainless steel construction.

16. Hanging Fruit Banana Bowl: Modern and chic Banana Stand Holder keeps bananas off counter tops to allow for even ripening and prevents premature bruising. Effortlessly blends with any decor.

17. Tall Metal Thatch Basket: This basket is perfect for displaying and serving food items. Constructed of metal. The taller design of these baskets make them ideal for fancy crackers and breadsticks or fresh fruit. It makes a great centerpiece.

18. Spiral Fruit Basket: This is the coolest fruit holder. This is so much fun, a sculpture that displays fresh fruit! It’s also easier to how much fruit you have left than having to peer into and/or root around in the fruit bowl.

19. Wave Acrylic Fruit Bowls: You’ll fall in love with the clear acrylic shapes of these decorative fruit bowls. Each piece is intricately detailed and unique in their own way.

20. Modern Decorative Bowl Fruit Bowl: Modern Deco bowl fruit bowl white / silver ceramic can be used to display fruits, vegetables. It will be a modern centerpiece to any kitchen.

21. Dunbar Grid Fruit Bowl: Display your fruits and vegetables in style with the Dunbar Fruit Bowl from Spectrum. It’s a great accent piece for use in hotels, restaurants and offices as well.

22. Flower Fruit Bowl: Lightweight yet strong enough to hold plenty of fresh fruit, this contemporary open wire fruit basket gracefully combines form and function for a beautiful accent to any kitchen.

23. Andalusia Fruit Holder: Andalusia fruit holder combines simple clean lines and modern design. A sturdy rectangular frame with two hooks can hold bunches of bananas or grapes while the long tray holds plenty of fruits without the need to stack.

24. Wire Fruit Bowl: The Wire Fruit Bowl is an innovative design using a single piece of steel wire. It is both functional and sculptural, allowing air to circulate the fruit within keeping it fresher for longer.

25. Branch Aluminum Round Bowl: Branch Bowl is the perfect display of natural form finished with a modern twist. Each contemporary bowl is handcrafted from textured aluminum and ready to hold fruit, decorative objects or use as a stunning centerpiece.

26. Magazine Rack Fruit Basket: This Fruit Basket makes the perfect companion because it’s handy, good-looking and fits anywhere. This would be a great space saver by hanging the basket in a kitchen pantry.

27. Wall Mounted Wire Fruit Dispenser: Wall Mounted Wire Fruit Dispenser an eye-catching part of any kitchen, and the clever design ensures that the next piece of fruit in line will roll forward automatically to ensure that fresh fruit is always right at your fingertips.

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