Beautiful & Unique Ways to Wrap Gifts

You choose gifts for your loved ones with great love and care, but way of presenting it can change it all. Special gifts deserve special wrapping, so dress them up in beautiful ways. A beautifully wrapped gift can change your simple gift into special one, as it shows your affection towards it whereas a badly wrapped gift can do vice-versa. So to make you more creative with gift wrapping, we tried to collect some unique and different ways to wrap your gorgeous gift. Just do a little hands on and you can do it! Mix the ribbons, colors, toppers etc. according to the occasions like for birthdays, anniversaries, baby shower, holiday, valentine, wedding gifts and many more.

Fresh Flower Gift Wrap

Fresh Flower Gift Wrap via greenweddingshoes

Bottle Brush Tree Gift Topper

Bottle Brush Tree Gift Topper via vitaminihandmade

Black Theme Wrapping

Black Theme Wrapping via angelaliguori

Newspaper Gift Wrap

Newspaper Gift Wrap via readingmytealeaves

Cookie Wrap

Cookie Wrap via doodlecraftblog

Stenciled kraft paper gift wrap

Stenciled kraft paper gift wrap via doodlecraftblog

Folded Paper Flower Gift Topper

Folded Paper Flower Gift Topper via olderandwisor

Paper Orchid Flower Gift Topper

Paper Orchid Flower Gift Topper via diynetwork

Traditional Gift Wrap

Traditional Gift Wrap via 11magnolialane

Fabric Gift Wrapping

Fabric Gift Wrapping via minted

Handmade Fabric Gift Bag

Handmade Fabric Gift Bag via decor8blog

Pom Pom Gift Topper

Pom Pom Gift Topper via madamecriativa

Wide Ribbon Bow Gift Wrap

Wide Ribbon Perfect Bow Gift Wrap via chatelaine

Paper Cup Gift Bags

Paper Cup Gift Bags via papermashblog

Paper Pyramid Gift Box

Paper Pyramid Gift Box via linesacross

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