Easy to Make Reindeer Shaped Rice Dish

One more way to indulge yourself in Christmas completely, Reindeer Shaped Rice Dish which is easy to make and attractive to look. You need some rice, hot dog, peas and red pepper. That’s it! If you have it in your home you can make it now only. This creative idea is specially meant for Christmas but you can make it whenever you want. Your kids are going to love it because of its shape and taste. Make a delicious lunch of Reindeer Shaped Rice on Christmas noon and surprise everone. You can also replace rice with mashed potatoes or cheese slice. Most creative thing in this dish is cutting the hot dog before making it, you have to slice it till half of it as seen in image and them just place them as reindeer horns and make it’s nose with a red pepper, cutting it in round shape and use peas or olives (if you want) in place of eyes and you are done. Try this recipe out today and share your experience with us.

Reindeer Shaped Rice for Christmas

Reindeer Shaped Rice for Christmas

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Try this recipe today and share your experience with us..

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