30 Awesome Craft to do with Buttons

Buttons are perfect crafting material. Buttons can be a fantastic room decor item, an accessory and can be transformed easily into bookmarks, gift wrapping material, wind chimes, calendar making, unique painting item, a gift or a greeting card and many more! You can mix all bright and colorful different shape buttons together to make something amazing and unique. To increase your imagination, we also collected 30 awesome ways to do crafts with buttons. All you need to do is to collect buttons! buttons! buttons!
Have a look at the below list of crafts using buttons, you will definitely going to love it!

1. Button Mosaic Picture Frame: This colorful Button Mosaic Picture Frame takes several steps to make, first sorting the buttons, brainstorming and planning the mosaic, a quick painting of the shapes, and lastly gluing the buttons.

Button Mosaic Picture Frame

Button Mosaic Picture Frame via bowdabrablog

2. Unique Bowl Using Old Buttons: Button bowls would be a fun craft to make with your kids. These bowls are easy to make and the supplies are very cheap.
Unique Bowl Using Old Buttons

Unique Bowl Using Old Buttons via kristentool

3. Simple and Cute Button Bookmarks: Simple and Cute Button Bookmarks are adorable and will make great gifts and a super-fun project. The good thing is they are really inexpensive, make as many as you want.

Simple and Cute Button Bookmarks

Simple and Cute Button Bookmarks via iheartnaptime

4. Button Bracelets: Super cute Button Bracelets that will add a little color and spunk to any crazy or normal outfit you feel like wearing.

Button Bracelets

Button Bracelets via mashiacrafts

5. DIY Little Button Tree: Little Button Tree is an activity your child will love. This button craft image can turn into a room decor item, a gift or a greeting card.

DIY Little Button Tree

DIY Little Button Tree via buzzingbubs

6. Button Rings: These are so adorable! They are really quite cute and these colorful jewelry with buttons are easy make. You can have fun with button jewelry. You can coordinate them with your outfits!

Button Rings

Button Rings via craftklatchwithmona

7. Button Love Frame: A heart shape Love Frame that signifies your love for a spouse. Choose a bright red color to a deep impression. Things in it will make your partner feel very happy.

Button Love Frame

Button Love Frame via diyeasycraft

8. DIY Button Bikes: These tiny and creative Button Bike made up with wire and buttons. These are really such a creative way to look at buttons.

DIY Button Bikes

DIY Button Bikes via elowezil

9. Button Elephant: Button Elephant is just too darn cute. Here is the theme of elephant and tree branch, grass and colors are blue, green and grey…how perfect.

Button Elephant

Button Elephant via bustedbutton

10. Spring Button Flowers: This Spring Button Flowers project would be fun as a button swap with friends. Turn all old buttons into flowers and making a cute handmade display-piece.

Spring Button Flowers

Spring Button Flowers via frecklednest

11. Button Clock: Button Clock is a perfect clock for a craft room, Such a cute clock, it would make a great gift idea. This is really super simple to make.

Button Clock

Button Clock via occasionallycrafty

12. Button Flower Stems: Button Flower Stems look more like flower stems, or colorful blades of grass, or as I like to think of them, stalks of lavender.

Button Flower Stems

Button Flower Stems via chalkbirdstudio

13. Easy Spring Button Crafts: Easy Spring Button Crafts are a fairly recent find and they are AWESOME. These would be cute as decorations in a kid’s room as well.

Easy Spring Button Crafts

Easy Spring Button Crafts via whattoexpect

14. Button Carrot Canvas Header: Burlap Button Carrot Art will be the perfect addition to your home this spring. It will be your seasonal home decor, rest it on a window sill or your child’s desk.

Button Carrot Canvas Header

Button Carrot Canvas Header via patcatans

15. KidsChaos Button Cupcakes: Combining two of kids favourite things, Button Crafts, and Cakes, we could make a gift wrapping box. These would make great Birthday cards too.

KidsChaos Button Cupcakes

KidsChaos Button Cupcakes via kidschaos

16. Fruity Button Embroidery: To make Fruity Button Embroidery will takes only a few stray buttons and some embroidery floss to transform plain napkins into a harvest of whimsical linens.

Fruity Button Embroidery

Fruity Button Embroidery via marthastewart

17. DIY Button Explosion: Button Explosion is so adorable. A little bit of a button explosion, it turned out fun, and it was super easy and cheap.

DIY Button Explosion

DIY Button Explosion via icandy-handmade

18. Button Necklace: This project is very easy and requires only very basic crochet skills. Really, the only stitch you’re using is a chain stitch.

Button Necklace

Button Necklace via mytwobutterflies

19. Clay Pots with Buttons: The pearl buttons create a “beachy” look that is soothing and pretty with a modern twist. The red buttons add a pop of color to a plain clay pot.

Clay Pots with Buttons

Clay Pots with Buttons via cathiefilian

20. Rainbow Button Wind Chime: This button wind chime in rainbow colors is awesome project with recycled buttons. This is really pretty and so colorful! You could also use different colors of string or clear fishing line would be nice.

Rainbow Button Wind Chime

Rainbow Button Wind Chime via craftsbyamanda

21. Fall Button Branch: Here to make Fall Button Branch used a real branch and the colors of all the buttons are fantastic. This is so beautiful to decor.

Fall Button Branch

Fall Button Branch via meetthedubiens

22. Button Decoration on Handbag: This beautiful, stylish handbag made up with multicolored buttons. The button decoration on this handbag completely changed its look.

Button Decoration on Handbag

Button Decoration on Handbag via diyandcraftsideas

23. Button Headband: Button Headbands are beautiful and very easy to make with your kids and they look really cute wearing them. They turned out simply adorable and their smiling faces display their pride.

Button Headband

Button Headband via sugarbeecrafts

24. Button Owl Art: Button Owl Art is the cutest little owl ever, it may become a good wall decor at your home. Here you can use your own image of owl to make button art like this.

Button Owl Art

Button Owl Art via repeatcrafterme

25. Perpetual Button Calendar: Make this Perpetual Button Calendar once, and you can use it forever – just move the numbers to their correct location each month, and change the nameplate.

Perpetual Button Calendar

Perpetual Button Calendar via makezine

26. Sweetheart Button Wreath: This sweet, heart-shaped button wreath can be a great gift on valentines day. You can also use this for decoration at your home.

Sweetheart Button Wreath

Sweetheart Button Wreath via craftsncoffee

27. Button Heart Gift Wrapping: For Valentine’s Day make a special gift wrapping with buttons. While wrapping these presents took loner than usually, everyone would involved and enjoyed the process.

Button Heart Gift Wrapping

Button Heart Gift Wrapping via redtedart

28. Button Cluster Keyrings: Button Cluster Keyrings really were easy to make and came out kind of cute. These would make great gifts.

Button Cluster Keyrings

Button Cluster Keyrings via sumoftheirstories

29. Buttoned Up Birdhouses: Button Birdhouses is such a cute idea. You can hang some up in the garden, make a garland or nail them to a tree.

Buttoned Up Birdhouses

Buttoned Up Birdhouses via modpodgerocksblog

30. Button Solar System Project: Button Solar System can be neat way to teach sewing while learning about science. This is so creative idea.

Button Solar System Project

Button Solar System Project via deceptivelyeducational

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