17 Awesome Handmade Soap Recipes

Handmade soaps are fun to make and good to use as they are gentle, customize-able, made by natural ingredients like flowers, fruits, herbs, and essential oils. You can get your own texture, fragrance, color and shape on handmade soaps. Use of any cookie mold or baking dish can give to desired shape. Handmade soaps can be a great personalized gift for family and friends. Every body loves handmade soaps specially kids. Here, we collected a varied selection of soaps, each with a link to it’s recipe and corresponding instructions. Go ahead and make different fragrance handmade soaps and use them according to your mood in every bath.

1. Chamomile Oat Soaps: Chamomile is one of best herbs to incorporate in bath and beauty products. It smells amazing, looks appealing and is known for its soothing properties.

Chamomile Oat Soaps

Chamomile Oat Soaps via soapqueen

2. Spider Soap Jellies: Spider Soap is scented with Spellbound Woods and Applejack Peel Fragrance Oils. The little spiders are actually small plastic toys that are available for a limited time.
Spider Soap Jellies

Spider Soap Jellies via soapqueen

3. Mermaid Shell Soap: Mermaid Shell Soap features plenty of shimmer in an adorable clam shell mold. Scented with the new Crisp Cotton Fragrance Oil, this soap smells of sea berry, rosewater and starfruit.

Mermaid Shell Soap

Mermaid Shell Soap via soapqueen

4. Soap Cupcakes: These Sparkling Champagne Cold Process Soap Cupcakes feature a romantic blend of Champagne and White Rose Fragrance Oil. These cupcakes are for washing and not eating!

Soap Cupcakes

Soap Cupcakes via soapqueen

5. Peppermint Candy Bath Bombs: These Peppermint Candy Bath Bombs are made with argan oil which is full of vitamin E and skin-loving properties. To make your bath time extra fun, bath bombs are a must.

Peppermint Candy Bath Bombs

Peppermint Candy Bath Bombs via soapqueen

6. Soap Cake: These delicious looking cake is actually soap! The cake is incredibly beautiful, like the real thing. Beautifully decorated this soap cake.

Soap Cake

Soap Cake via soaphistication

7. DIY Soaps with Surprises: Nestling toys in soap is like a hidden treasure – it makes everything more exciting. This is definitely a gift.

DIY Soaps with Surprise

DIY Soaps with Surprise via helloglow

8. Fruity Soaps: Some of the different things tried in Fruity Soaps were lemon, strawberry, mint. Then a couple of combos of the above, lemon + strawberry, mint + strawberry.

Fruity Soaps

Fruity Soaps via pikadillycharm

9. Handmade Milk Citrus Soap: Milk Citrus Soaps are an easy and useful gift that kids can make with just a few ingredients. The white goat’s milk shows off the citrus beautifully.

Handmade Milk Citrus Soap

Handmade Milk Citrus Soap via hellowonderful

10. DIY Watermelon Soap: DIY Watermelon Soap will make a great gift for yourself or someone else. It is fun and so easy to make too.

DIY Watermelon Soap

DIY Watermelon Soap via myfrugaladventures

11. DIY Ocean Toy Soap: This ocean toy soap is one of best creations from spring break. The kids had fun helping making this glitter ocean toy soap with miniature sea creatures inside.

DIY Ocean Toy Soap

DIY Ocean Toy Soap via apumpkinandaprincess

12. Handmade Mint Soap: Mint Soaps are actually great for the skin is oatmeal and cinnamon. Plus it smells extra nice too. This looks awesome, great inexpensive gift idea too.

Handmade Mint Soap

Handmade Mint Soap via pinkpistachio

13. Beach Themed Soap: A unique handcrafted soap featuring a sandy beach theme. These themed components are embedded in a clear base to give it an underwater look.

Beach Themed Soap

Beach Themed Soap via etsy

14. Floral Soap Lollies: This is some kind of amazing. You can make these Floral Soap Lollies before Valentine’s day or create something longer lasting from all those flowers you’ve been gifted afterwards.

Floral Soap Lollies

Floral Soap Lollies via anthropologie

15. Goldfish in a Bag Soap: DIY Goldfish in a Bag Soap not only makes a super cute gift for kids but is also perfect for DIY party favors.

Goldfish in a Bag Soap

Goldfish in a Bag Soap via soapdelinews

16. DIY Goldfish Soap: Goldfish Soaps are cute homemade soaps have toy goldfish embedded inside to help make washing hands and even bath time more fun for kids.

DIY Goldfish Soap

DIY Goldfish Soap via soapdelinews

17. Colorful Droplets Soap: Colorful Droplets Soaps are superb. It’s a good idea to combine your funnel with a pipette. The droplets look perfect in their exact shape and beautiful colors.

Colorful Droplets Soap

Colorful Droplets Soap via fraeuleinwinter

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