22 Ways to Recycle Old Tires into Something Beautiful

When we buy new tires of our vehicle, old one become useless. Either they occupy space in garage or go in trash. But we can also convert them into something beautiful and usable by following some easy DIY’s which are fun to do. You can recycle your old tires into beautiful hanging planters, outdoor sitting furniture, pet bed, garden decor, storage etc. We collected 22 ways to recycle old tires, have a look at them. they are easy to do and great in usability ideas.

1. Hanging Tyre Flower Planter: Keep your old tires and turn them into an adorable hanging planter. Tires are great for planting ornamentals like Hanging Tire Flower Planter.

Hanging Tire Flower Planter

Hanging Tire Flower Planter via creativegreenliving

2. Recycled Tyre Mirror Frame: Modify a bicycle tire as Recycled Tire Mirror Frame by cutting out the spokes and hammer in steel eyelets.
Recycled Tire Mirror Frame

Recycled Tire Mirror Frame via recreationsproject

3. Recycled Tyre Seating: This is adorable. Such a great idea, super cute and extra storage and this might be a great Christmas gift.

Recycled Tyre Seating

Recycled Tyre Seating via grillo-designs

4. DIY Tyre Colorful Deck Seating: DIY Tyre Colorful Deck Seating is so nice. The bright, fun colors and your tire table is such a great idea.

DIY Tyre Colorful Deck Seating

DIY Tyre Colorful Deck Seating via madcapfrenzy

5. Recycled Tyre Planter Garden: Sprucing your garden or that corner without grace the outside corridor and even get rid of that old tire that you did not throw away, or that tire that is played on the street.

Recycled Tire Planter Garden

Recycled Tire Planter Garden via architecturendesign

6. Tea Cup Tyre Planter: Tea Cup Tyre Planter can become eye catching pieces in your homes and gardens. It’s very simple DIY project using old tyres.

Tea Cup Tyre Planter

Tea Cup Tyre Planter via wonderfuldiy

7. Unique Tyre Coffee Table: Unique Tire Coffee Table will be a unique pieces of furniture, something that nobody else can buy or replicate.

Unique Tire Coffee Table

Unique Tire Coffee Table via pinterest

8. Fairy Theme Recycled Tyre Toadstools: Fairy Theme Recycled Tyre Toadstools might be one of the best recycling outdoor projects. You’ll be surprised at just how easy these are to make.

Fairy Theme Recycled Tyre Toadstools

Fairy Theme Recycled Tyre Toadstools via grillo-designs

9. Rainbow Tyre Garden: Rainbow Tyre Garden is a good way to contribute to the cause of the environment. Definitely a great idea that needs to be carried forward.

Rainbow Tyre Garden

Rainbow Tyre Garden via fennelandfern

10. Outdoor Table with Recycled Tyre: Outdoor Table with Recycled Tyre good idea for an old tire. This table made by using a used car tyre and old kitchen surface with the help of a few screws and creativity.

Outdoor Table with Recycled Tyre

Outdoor Table with Recycled Tyre via weupcycle

11. Recycled and Painted Tyre Planter: Recycled and Painted Tyre Planter Wishing Well Planter is a beautiful addition to any garden or entertaining area. Just stack old tires together, paint with your favourite color.

Recycled and Painted Tyre Planter

Recycled and Painted Tyre Planter via smartschoolhouse

12. Sandbox With a Tyre: Sandbox With a Tyre is simply Fantastic. Great idea, looks so fun to make also. This is incredibly creative.

Sandbox With a Tyre

Sandbox With a Tyre via iheartnaptime

13. Creative Bathroom Tyre Sinks: Genune ideas for repurposing for old car Tyres. Creative Bathroom Tyre Sinks are really a creative idea.

Creative Bathroom Tyre Sinks

Creative Bathroom Tyre Sinks via imgur

14. Decorative Table With Colorful Tyres: Decorative Table With Colorful Tires is a brilliant way to reuse and recycle Old Tires.

Decorative Table With Colorful Tyres

Decorative Table With Colorful Tyres via creativespotting

15. Water Pond Using Old Tyres: Create a decorative pond with Old Tyres. To pond long feast for the eyes you need to take care of that properly.

Water Pond Using Old Tyres

Water Pond Using Old Tyres via dokuchaevsk

16. Tyre Turns Golden Fountain: Golden Fountain with Old tyre was a very creative idea when no one else had something better. The glamour is for the golden tone that coats.

Tire Turns Golden Fountain

Tire Turns Golden Fountain via memoriescollectionblog

17. Recycled Tyre Dog Bed: Recycled Tyre Dog Bed is such a cute DIY project. this seems like a really unique, natural fit for dogs.

Recycled Tyre Dog Bed

Recycled Tyre Dog Bed via practicallyfunctional

18. Recycled Tyre Store Display: Turn your old tyres into high quality rubber products, such as Recycled Tire Store Display and have very creative ways to offer tires a second life.

Recycled Tire Store Display

Recycled Tire Store Display via archdaily

19. DIY Toy Shelves Using a Tyre: DIY Toy Shelves Using a Tyre project with an idea that doesn’t blow the budget and it is eco-friendly.

DIY Toy Shelves Using a Tire

DIY Toy Shelves Using a Tire via hometalk

20. Painted Recycled Tyre Totter: Some paint and a smiley face Tire Totter is a great project the whole family can take part in.

Painted Recycled Tyre Totter

Painted Recycled Tyre Totter via

21. Gorgeous Recycled Tyre Planter: Gorgeous Recycled Tyre Planter is absolutely gorgeous. Looks like something from a high end store like Pottery Barn.

Gorgeous Recycled Tyre Planter

Gorgeous Recycled Tyre Planter via addicted2diy

22. DIY Tyre Storage Bin: DIY Tyre Storage Bin a clever idea. A couple of tires secured together and mounted to a piece of plywood with some casters attached.

DIY Tyre Storage Bin

DIY Tyre Storage Bin via curbly

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