22 Way to Customize String Lights for Different Occasions

String lights can light up your home ambience inexpensively. Placing a simple white string light in your bedroom can change the whole view. That’s why use of string lights are becoming more popular in home decor these days. There decoration require low maintenance, less effort and more decor. But still most people associate string lights with holidays which is also true. Here, we tried to collect ways to customize string lights according to the occasions like for birthday parties, holidays, romantic view, baby shower etc. It takes few simple instructions to follow to create something new and attractive for home decor. These collected string light diys can give your parties or home a more thoughtful view by making them more cozy, warm and attractive. Have a look at below ideas and add a little sparkle to your home with these easy projects using string lights.
1. Friendly String Lights: Friendly String Lights are so easy to make! Cut squares of fabric tie them along the wiring of the lights. Squares work better than strips for creating the ruffled look.

Friendly String Lights

Friendly String Lights via hayseedhomemakin

2. DIY Fringe String Lights: DIY fringe string lights so simple and removable so you can switch it out for any holiday, birthday or other bash you may be throwing.
DIY fringe string lights

DIY fringe string lights via studiodiy

3. Cafe String Lights: These colorful paper hats turned out to be the perfect material for Cafe String Lights. If you’ve got a pile of party hats laying around after a party, upcycle them!

Cafe String Lights

Cafe String Lights via cremedelacraft

4. Snowflake String Lights: Create an idealized winter wonderland indoors using snowflake-like bouquet holders and a string of holiday lights. These are so simple to make.

Snowflake String Lights

Snowflake String Lights via marthastewart

5. Bright Star String Lights: Bright Star String Lights DIY is really easy, and will be even easier if you can find string lights with a white cord. They look great draped on a rustic wooden headboard.

Bright Star String Lights

Bright Star String Lights via monmakesthings

6. DIY Bulb String Lights: DIY Bulb String Lights is super easy to make. You can switch these Bulb String Lights out for any holiday, birthday or other bash you may be throwing.

DIY Bulb Advent String Lights

DIY Bulb Advent String Lights via thehousethatlarsbuilt

7. Autumn Leaf Fairy Lights: Autumn Leaf Fairy Lights look great in the day as well as the evenings. The light that comes through the leaves creates the most beautiful colours and glow. You can try this at your home.

Autumn Leaf Fairy Lights

Autumn Leaf Fairy Lights via wallflowergirl

8. Lighted Burlap Garland: Lighted Burlap Garland is lovely idea to turn a string lights into super decorative Lights. The burlap looks so gorgeous with the lights behind it.

Lighted Burlap Garland

Lighted Burlap Garland via createcraftlove

9. DIY String Light Garland: String Light Garland like this looks very cute for a summer party, either hung up or laid down the center of a table. These LED gold wire string lights to become a decorative garland for the theme of summer parties.

DIY String Light Garland

DIY String Light Garland via homeyohmy

10. Paper Ball Garland: Simple paper garlands make the prettiest decorations and they are frugal. You can make a garland like or even turn these into tree ornaments.

Paper Ball Garland

Paper Ball Garland via easypeasyandfun

11. Crochet Star Flower Lights: This Crochet Star Flower Lights are boho without being over-the-top, and would go with a variety of decor styles. Seeing crochet, knit and weaving highlighted in home decor is fabulous.

Crochet Star Flower Lights

Crochet Star Flower Lights via pinkwhen

12. Seashell String Lights: A string of beach treasures casts a dreamy glow on a patio or porch. Seashell String Lights will become most beautiful decorative lights for your parties.

Seashell String Lights

Seashell String Lights via marthastewart

13. Plastic Food String Lights: Plastic Food String Lights is a great idea to decorate your home with food string lights. You can also use any plastic kids toys to cover your string lights too.

DIY Food String Lights

Plastic Food String Lights via awwsam

14. Light Chain with Lampshades: Wonderful idea! Light Chain with Lampshades look lovely. It is an amazingly simple but utterly Effective idea to decorate your home beautifully.

Light Chain with Lampshades

Light Chain with Lampshades via rebeccasdiy

15. Black Cats and Friendly Ghosts String Lights: Black Cats and Friendly Ghosts String Lights are lovely idea to make with small ones. Surely you can have fun make these by yourself.

Black Cats and Friendly Ghosts String Lights

Black Cats and Friendly Ghosts String Lights via mycakies

16. DIY Outdoor Lighting:Upgrade Simple String Lights on a Shoestring Budget. These ordinary string lights with a festively floral makeover that will brighten your space.

DIY Outdoor Lighting

DIY Outdoor Lighting via bobvila

17. Colorful Globe String Lights: Colorful Globe String Lights are simple way to make a colorful impact. Just turn boring string lights into a rainbow.

Colorful Globe String Lights

Colorful Globe String Lights via buzzfeed

18. Cotton Candy Party Lights: These Cotton Candy Party Lighting ideas look just as cute and festive during the daytime as they do on a warm summer evening.

Cotton Candy Party Lights

Cotton Candy Party Lights via buzzfeed

19. Ping Pong Ball Lights: Ping Pong Ball Lights is a quick way to turn an ordinary string of lights into a great party decoration.
The ping pong balls make great diffusers and look really cool when they are glowing.

Ping Pong Ball Lights

Ping Pong Ball Lights via instructables

20. DIY Candy Lights: Candy Lights are really magical super cute idea. A wonderful way to make the holidays or even a birthday party more festive.

DIY Candy Lights

DIY Candy Lights via ohhappyday

21. Jute Twinkle Light Shade: Jute Twinkle Light Shade are pretty easy to make. These lights have such a lovely outdoorsy feel. You can try this by yourself for your party decorations.

Jute Twinkle Light Shade

Jute Twinkle Light Shade via ellaclaireinspired

22. Paper Cube String Lights: Paper Cube String Lights are very creative and very easy to make t home. A little something special to drape over your headboard, and a row of glowing paper cubes turned out to be just the thing!

Paper Cube String Lights

Paper Cube String Lights via witandwhistle

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