Handmade Heart Love Bulb

What can be the most perfect gift for your valentine? Answer is anything made by you which can reflect your love towards him or her. But most difficult question is what to make? So, here is solution – A message giving “Handmade Love Lamp”. It will look perfect on his/her office desk and make him release how much you love him all the time. Also, it’s easy to make and great in looks. So, surprise your Valentine this year with unique handmade symbol of Love!

Love Bulb

Love Bulb

Things required to make Love Lamp:
– Household Bulb
– Tools to Hollow the bulb
– Red Wire to make heart shape filament
– Wooden board to fit it on

Steps for making a Love Lamp:
– Take a household bulb and hollow it using tools. As shown in image.

– Make Heart shapes from red wire. Make as many as you want.
Making Wire Hearts

Making Wire Hearts

– Fix it on a wooden board and write a message.
Valentine Love Lamp

Valentine Love Lamp

Your Valentine’s day Gift is ready. You can also customize it for Father’s day, Mother’s day etc. by simply changing the message. Surely, it will make your loved ones delighted!! 🙂

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