27 Adorable Ways to Reuse Baby Food Jars

Many of us always hated throwing away cute small jars. These jars are themselves so cute and adorable that we want to keep them. But question is how to use them in our day to day life. If you are one struggling with same questions, then these DIY projects are for you. As they will guide you how to decorate baby jars in a better way and suggest ways to use them at home. Here, we collected 27 wonderful ways to decorate baby food jars that you may love and can try easily.

1. Awesome Painted Flower Vases: Here baby food jars make darling bud vases. These are really awesome to decorate your home with flowers.

Paint Dipped Baby Food Jar Vases

Paint Dipped Baby Food Jar Vases via applesandonions

2. Minion Favor Jars: These little Minions are so fun and really simple to make. Cute party favor for the kids to take home filled with goodies.

Minion Favor Jar Hero

Minion Favor Jar Hero via bettycrocker

3. Easy Easter Favors: These favors are super easy to make. Even if you don’t have a Silhouette you can still fill baby food jars with pastel dinner mints and decorate the lids with ribbon and a little raffia.

Easy Easter Favors

Easy Easter Favors via designdininganddiapers

4. Lovable Baby Food Jar: Here is a lovable baby food jar which is turned into a beautiful home decor holding with a candle. You must try and enjoy this craft.

Lovable Baby Food Jar Craft

Lovable Baby Food Jar Craft via babycenter

5. Mini lamps of monsters: Gorgeous lamps of baby food jars in small and cute size looks great. It super easy and looks great on light and in the dark.

Mini lamps of monsters

Mini lamps of monsters via estefimachado

6. Plenty Pies in Jars: Here baby food jars are reused to serve plenty pies in parties. These jars can be very decorative with pie in any party.

Plenty Pies in Jars

Plenty Pies in Jars via couponingncooking

7. Single Cupcake Holder: Everyone loves a cupcake. And everyone loves pretty packaging. These single cupcake holders which are made with baby food jars are such an easy way to gift a single cupcake.

Single Cupcake Holder

Single Cupcake Holder via nelliebellie

8. Foam Light House: Creative Summer Foam Light House with beautiful colours. The summer spotlight has been awesome it totally looks like summer.

DIY Foam Lighthouse

DIY Foam Lighthouse via craftsbycourtney

9. Cute Baby Food Jar Nightlight: Reuse cute little baby food jars to make a simple nightlight for your kids room. This is such an easy project that the kids could even make them themselves.

Cute Baby  Food Jar Nightlight

Cute Baby Food Jar Nightlight via modpodgerocksblog

10. Spider Baby Food Jar: This is really awesome thought to make a jar as spider. You can use this to decor your home.

Spider Baby Food Jar

Spider Baby Food Jar via masonjarcraftslove

11. Crazy Treat Jars: Cute jars makes a perfect little party favor or neighbor gift or project for the kids! Make these darling Treat Jars in any size you want and then fill them on up!

Crazy Treat Jars

Crazy Treat Jars via crazylittleprojects

12. Snow Globe Aquarium: A cheerful aquarium for kids is a beautiful idea. This aquarium is made with baby food jar with blue water filled in it.

Snow Globe Aquarium

Snow Globe Aquarium via deliacreates

13. Baby Food Jar Sippers: Sippers with baby food jars is so adorable, brilliant use for recycling baby food jars! And the pefect size for little ones. Creative way to use them instead of just recycling them.

Baby Food Jar Sippers

Baby Food Jar Sippers via stayathomeista

14. Humming Bird Feeder: Awesome DIY from Birds & Blooms! Feed the hummingbirds you love out in the garden. Attracting hummingbirds is easy and fun with this homemade hummingbird feeder made with a baby food jar.

Humming Bird Feeder

Humming Bird Feeder via birdsandblooms

15. Minnie Mouse Favors: So cute baby food jars recycled here to make minnie mouse favors for a party decor. These jars are filled with attractive Hershey Kisses and Dove Chocolate Hearts.

Minnie Mouse Favors

Minnie Mouse Favors via 733blog

16. Valentine Storage Jars: A super cute Valentine’s Day craft using baby food jars which are just turned out perfect. It is a really fast and easy craft to do.

Valentine Storage Jars

Valentine Storage Jars via craftsbycourtney

17. Baby Food Jar Candles: Don’t wanted to throw out cute little baby food jars? They could be turned into something cute. You can make candles out of them.

Baby Food Jar Candles

Baby Food Jar Candles via dearbeautifulyou

18. Valentine Snow Globe: A lovable Valentine Snow Globe, a perfect gift for valentine’s day. It will just look like you have beautiful hearts floating in your snow globe.

Valentine Snow Globe

Valentine Snow Globe via whipperberry

19. Baby Food Jar Snow Globes: Here’s a great upcycle for all those cute little jars! Turn them into mini snow globes with a few household items. Baby Food Jar Snow Globes are easy to create and make a fantastic gift idea!

Baby Food Jar Snowbloges

Baby Food Jar Snowbloges via craftaholicsanonymous

20. Colourful Candy Jars: This is quick and simple. It takes under 30 minutes to make all three of these Easter Candy Jars. It’s something kids could do and love too!


ChickJar via crazylittleprojects

21. Salt Luminaries Make some new luminaries, something that would be elegant and pretty against winter’s white snow using baby food jars. It’s a wonderful thing to do and sure it will turn out very nice.

Salt Luminaries

Salt Luminaries via craftsbyamanda

22. Cute Frosted Jars: This is such a creative way to reuse baby food jars. The red wrap and paper snow flakes are wonderful. You can try this at your home using baby food jars.

Cute Frosted Jars

Cute Frosted Jars via designdininganddiapers

23. Baby Food Jar Candle Holders: Here’s an beautiful Valentine’s Day craft, make upcycled baby food jar candle holders. These sparkly DIY Valentine’s Day candle holders can also be used as treat jars for conversation hearts and other small candy.

Baby Food Jar Candle Holders

Baby Food Jar Candle Holders via artsymomma

24. Glitter Slime with Baby Food Jars: Here is colourful DIY homemade Glitter Slime which are made with recycled baby food jars. These looks awesome, you can decorate your home attractively.

Glitter Slime with Baby Food Jars

Glitter Slime with Baby Food Jars via the36thavenue

25. Baby Food Jar Recycled Chandelier: With a few recycled baby food jar, you can make a gorgeous, efficient chandelier that you may just end up hanging year-round.

Baby Food Jar Recycled Chandelier

Baby Food Jar Recycled Chandelier via popsugar

26. Candle Holders from Baby Food Jars: These decorative candle holders are made up with some recycled baby food jars which are lighting beautifully and attractively. You can also try this.

Candle Holders from Baby Food Jars

Candle Holders from Baby Food Jars via craftymoods

27. Tasty Cheesecake in Jar: Here a baby food jar recycled to serve cheesecake. It looks pretty, and this would be a fitting individual dessert for guests.

Cheesecake in Jar

Cheesecake in Jar via brides

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