25 Unique Ways to Decorate your Bare Walls

Bare walls make the room dull and boring. To brighten up the room, you need something different and attractive to hang on walls. Paintings and wall arts are the common ways to decorate the walls. But if you want to make your room look trendy and happening, you need to be creative with different wall decor ideas. Ideas which are budget friendly, easy and quick to do and most importantly unique and attractive. Here, we collected 25 unique wall decor ideas for you. These include leaf wall art, photo gallery wall, framed planters wall decor, floral plates decor, giant utensil wall decor and many more. If you are thinking of renovating your room, you must go through these wall decor ideas. Surely, you are going to love them!

1. Fall Leaf Wall Art: Fall Leaf Wall Art is a project you can feature in the room makeover. These Create and display leaves that will stay colorful all year.

Fall Leaf Wall Art

Fall Leaf Wall Art via lowes

2. Black and White Gallery Wall: Black and White Gallery Wall is a great project on the budget. This gallery wall adds a touch of fun and personality to the hallway.

Black and White Gallery Wall

Black and White Gallery Wall via atkinsondrive

3. Circular Framed Planters Wall Art: A floral designer and gardner has moved the pleasures of garden creation indoors, producing vertical planters that decorate the wall rather than tabletop or window sill.

Circular Framed Planters Wall Art

Circular Framed Planters Wall Art via thisiscolossal

4. Kids Room Wall Decor: Kids Room Wall Decor is a hand printed quote for kids, which gives a such a huge statement without the major price tag.

Kids Room Wall Decor

Kids Room Wall Decor via henandco

5. Popsicle Sticks Shelf Wall Art: Find your cutest homeless home decor knick knack and place this popsicle sticks hexagon shelf as a wall decor, lovingly in its new wall home.

Popsicle Sticks Shelf Wall Art

Popsicle Sticks Shelf Wall Art via makeanddocrew

6. Almond Blossom Wallpaper: Beautiful, such as wall almond blossoms background. The beauty of a white flowers is that a single touch immediately makes a world of difference.

Almond blossom wallpaper

Almond Blossom Wallpaper via vtwonen

7. Floral Plates Decor On The Wall: A variety of decorative floral plates will fill your home with charm. They make a lovely set, but each can stand alone as a great piece.

Floral Plates Deor On The Wall

Floral Plates Deor On The Wall via vtwonen

8. Decorative Wall Clock: Wall clocks are always that first piece of wall decor that people find in a house. You’ll love watching the clock when it’s one of your decorative wall.

Decorative Wall Clock

Decorative Wall Clock via apartmenttherapy

9. Gallery Wall Of Windows: A gallery wall makes a stunning focal or feature wall of art and repurposed wood windows. It’s a creative idea to good use some of the old windows.

Gallery Wall Of Windows

Gallery Wall Of Windows via themagicbrushinc

10. Giant Utensil Wall Art: You could certainly have some fun with these utensils decorating your kitchen or dining room in your home. These utensil wall art features vintage inspired handles.

Giant Utensil Wall Art

Giant Utensil Wall Art via acraftedpassion

11. Moss Wall Gallery: Tiny landscapes of lichen and moss rest alongside wood and stone, mimicking the natural beauty of the outdoors, and bringing it within.

Moss Wall Gallery

Moss Wall Gallery via inhabitat

12. Wall Decor Towelbar Frames: Wall Decor Towelbar Frames are easier and more secure. These frames are so strong they are not going anywhere.

Wall Decor Towelbar Frames

Wall Decor Towelbar Frames via robolady

13. Giant Confetti Wall Decor: Giant Confetti Wall Decor such a fun and temporary way to change up your space. Decorate your entryway wall with this giant confetti.

Giant Confetti Wall Decor

Giant Confetti Wall Decor via happinessisblog

14. Wall Decor Frame Shelves: Wall Decor Frame Shelves is such simple project, and a great way to reuse old frames or to dress up cheap frames.

Wall Decor Frame Shelves

Wall Decor Frame Shelves Via shanty-2-chic

15. Wire Wall Grid: Wire Wall Grid is a multi-purpose wall hanging in a grid shape. You can hang or display photos, notes and more with this unique design.

Wire Wall Grid

Wire Wall Grid via urbanoutfitters

16. Rustic Reclaimed Wood Heart: This unique rustic heart is designed and made by hand using reclaimed wood. This heart is intended for indoor wall decor use due to the paints and finishes were used.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Heart

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Heart via etsy

17. Mr & Mrs Wall Signs: Mr & Mrs Wall signs are a stylish choice, so classic and make for a special space in your home. This is a perfect home decor wall hanging gift for newlyweds.

Mr & Mrs Wall Sign

Mr & Mrs Wall Sign via etsy

18. Wall Sticker Decal Art: Wall Sticker Decal Art is an exclusive and ORIGINAL Shelving Tree with Birds Vinyl Wall Decal. This tree looks great on its own as well!

Wall Sticker Decal Art

Wall Sticker Decal Art via etsy

19. Large Wall Clock: Track the time and add functional decorative accents to any room with whimsical large clocks that hang on your wall in a variety of ways.

Large Wall Clock

Large Wall Clock via decrospective

20. Glitter Animal Canvases: Glitter Animal Canvases is a simple and cute fun creation. Sometimes we just try to hard to “come up with” new and interesting ideas when simple things like this one are just too perfect and adorable.

Glitter Animal Canvases

Glitter Animal Canvases via paperyandcakery

21. Floral Wall Hanging: The Floral Wall Hanging with the bars gets every one’s attention. The relaxed wreath of Spring blooms on it are simply beautiful.

Floral Wall Hanging

Floral Wall Hanging via debbie-debbiedoos

22. Paint Chip Heart Art: Show your walls some love with this pretty paint chip wall art. Punch paint chips into little hearts to create these adorable art pieces.

Paint Chip Heart Art

Paint Chip Heart Art via iheartorganizing

23. Gallery Wall Art: Get creative with your old calendars with easy upcycle projects like turning calendar images into a gallery wall. It’s as simple as trimming the art to fit in a mat and frame.

Gallery Wall Art

Gallery Wall Art via bhg

24. The Great Wall of Prayer: The Great Wall of Prayer is the two story wall that leads up to our homeschooling room. It’s painted the entire wall with chalkboard paint using a two story ladder, a level, an overhead projector, and chalk.

The Great Wall of Prayer

The Great Wall of Prayer via amyheywood

25. Nursery Wall ABCs: A fun way to teach your little one the ABCs! create a wall of different size and color letters. The best part about this is that you don’t even need to hang them evenly on the wall!

Nursery Wall ABCs

Nursery Wall ABCs via spearmintbaby

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